KAP commemorates 34th anniversary of al-Aqsa mosque [Archives:2003/662/Community]

August 25 2003

Sana'a, August 22- On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of setting al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to fire by the Israeli occupation, a symposium was held by the Kana'an Association for Palestine, KAP in Sana'a on August 21.
During the symposium, KAP Chairman, Mr. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh talked about the flagrant aggressions against the al-Aqsa mosque by the Israeli occupiers.
“The crime committed against the holy land is not the first and will certainly not be the last. The Zionists have been performing barbarian crimes that violate all international charters related to sacred holy lands,” he said.
The KAP administration stresses that the commemoration comes to confirm once again that Jerusalem will remain an inseparable Arab city.
In his speech, Mr. Yahya urged the Arab as well as Islamic nations to defend the occupied lands and protect them from defacement.
On his part, Palestinian Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Yahya Rabah delivered a speech focusing on the Israeli conspiracies against the Palestinian case in general and the status of Jerusalem in particular.
Meanwhile KAP's Secretary General, Mr. Abdulkader Assabri delivered a speech, in which he emphasized on the importance of holding such activities and symposiums.
A number of working papers were presented by participants focusing on the following topics:
– Al-Aqsa mosque, connotations and indications presented by Mr. Ahmed al-Kibsi.
– Islam's rights in al-Aqsa mosque presented by Moaroof al-Ashhab.
– Israelis to make the al-Aqsa mosque a Jewish property presented by Dr. Noah Abdusallam.
– Jerusalem in the Arab League's decisions presented by Dr. Abdulaziz Ashoa'ibi
– Jerusalem in the UN resolutions presented by Dr. Jalal Faqeera
The working papers were discussed and dealt with in details by participants and attendees.
Since its establishment on 17 April, 2002, KAP has proven to be an active Arab institution to support the Palestinian case and people and to defend their rights using all means possible.
KAP has called upon all Arabs and Muslims to boycott all kinds of Israeli products and services to pressurize Israel to stop its war of extermination against the defenseless Palestinian people.
The KAP administration believes that this can be achieved through adopting new techniques to boycott the use of the US dollar and replacing it with the euro in offshore commercial transactions, avoiding buying products manufactured by companies dealing with Israel, and looking for new travel destinations where Israeli interests are not served.