Katrina and Yemeni’s generosity [Archives:2005/875/Letters to the Editor]

September 8 2005

Emad A. Moqbel
[email protected]

We have always thought of people from Yemen as a kind and great people who stand by those who suffer no matter their race or religion. All people have the potential to help each other and care for each other. Hurricane Katrina was a destructive phenomenon in the U.S that was sent from God to test our hearts and kindness toward each other on earth. People in the U.S need our help and we should be there for them, especially since our religion encourages us to help those in need. As a student in The U.S and as a Yemeni person, I gently ask every person who can donate or give away anything for those who were killed or injured and they will always get the great deed from God. Please, always remember that it might happen for you in Yemen one day, God Forbids, and all people will help you as you did. No one knows the future and God bless you all.