Kidnapping Children [Archives:2006/978/Letters to the Editor]

August 4 2006

By: Ali Alrubaa
[email protected]

Recently, the phenomenon of kidnapping and smuggling children in our society has increased rapidly. These type of strange actions were unknown in the past. Most of the kidnapping take place in poor cities. Some of us blame this dilemma on lack of economical income ; others blame it on illiteracy. I think both are reasonable. Also, the lack of children's protection has helped in some cases to increase the problem. Who could be the kidnappers and why? This question has raised a lot of possible answers but reports have been revealed that most of suspects are unemployed people. Those people find in this criminal action an easy way to earn more money than waiting for any other legal income. Most of the victims suffer from abuse by their families and society, and end up at the hands of these merciless people who are full of hate for all of society. The human rights authorities as the concerned department have established some legal laws to protect children from any kind of abuse, either by society or by criminals. But, it seems that they have faced a lot of obstacles which have prevented them from practicing those legal rules in the proper way. The principal obstacles are poverty, illiteracy, and the fallen-apart society. The kidnapping process was and still is a profitable project for kidnappers. Some of the children have been kidnapped to be sold as human spare parts to foreign rich people. Others have been sold to be adopted by rich families. Some of the female ones are forced to work as prostitutes. The question is, how can we prevent such criminal efforts?