Kidnapping in Yemen [Archives:2006/910/Letters to the Editor]

January 9 2006

Nemer Giab
[email protected]

Yemen reputation has been severely damaged by the recent wave of kidnapping of foreign tourists. The government of Yemen have failed miserably to establish security in the country .The tourism industry will be negatively impacted by the recent kidnappings. Alas Yemen remains a lawless country where thugs and feudal tribalism essentially rule the land. The central government will never be able to establish law and security in the country as long as the tribal sheikhs remain part of the government. Tribal sheikh who hold top positions in the parliament and ministries are anti law and order, they mostly thrive on chaos and disorder. They are the first people who break the law and behave like gangsters. The government should never waiver to the demands of these murderous terrorists, but act firmly and decisively against these mobsters.