Killings in Radaa [Archives:2006/908/Letters to the Editor]

January 2 2006

Alawi Mohamed
[email protected]

I have a very important point to make, I don't know if its any help to the people in Radaa. i sent a letter twice to the al-quds newspaper pleading to the minister of human rights, and the minister of media. I am from Radaa, and there is a very major problem in Radaa, people are killing each other for the cause of revenge (tha'ar) maybe three people die every month. Ms. Amat Alaleem Soswah came the united states to look for a person who have been stripped of his human rights, Ms. Soswah should not worry about that in the United States, and go down to Radaa and look at the problems there.

I will break the problems in Radaa for everyone.

(1) the revenge(tha'ar) where three people die in many places in Radaa for example the most of people who died are from Jayfaah.

(2) the authorities in Radaa, where all these problems occurred because of them, there authorities are the major problems there, everyone has his own government, where a guard has the power to jail someone or release someone. Sometimes, the guard will release a person who is in jail for a murder. Come to the big guys, where they take money left and right from people, for example if you report to the percent that someone is taken your land from you by force, you have to pay money for the officers to go out and look at the situation. Meanwhile we have in Radaa someone called Sultan Al Jayefee, who is in charge of national security, he has no right to jail anyone in the city, but he still does it, and worst he takes people's land by force. I know of one incident where he took a land from three families, and build a big house with a very big yard. There are more than that only if you go down to Radaa and see for yourself.

(3) The education, my god that is the worst problem that any nation faces. Education is very poor in Radaa, people cant read and write, and mostly the student in the elementary school. Kids in the 5th grade can't write a one sentence, you just imagine where is this leading us in twenty years. I would love to see any governmental officials visit Radaa and see for themselves.