King Albert could teach Chirac a lesson on human rights [Archives:2005/813/Opinion]

February 3 2005

This observer was flabbergasted at the sight of His Majesty, the King of Belgium demonstrating one of the most moving scenes in respect for human rights and freedom for all the citizens of Belgium. Belgium has often showed the real sense of justice that modern society should be adhering to. A couple of years ago the Belgian judiciary took the precedence of prosecuting Ariel Sharon, the Prime minister of Israel, alias the mastermind of more than one massacre of Palestinians and other Arabs in the long standing feud between the Zionist state and the helpless Palestinians and Arabs that no have to live with the bad neighbor policy of the Likudnik Government of Israel. The United States couldn't run out of steam in applying all the pressure it could on the Belgian Government to withdraw the Summons issued on Ariel Sharon to come face litigation for the crimes he committed in Lebanon long before he became the distinguished Prime Minister in Israel.

Now the Belgian people again display their knack for true modern civilization. The BBC revealed on Monday that a young Muslim Belgian woman was employed by a Belgian factory for confectionaries of some kind. She was adamant in pursuing her Islamic beliefs and continued to cover head with the scarf that has become the traditional veil for Moslem women living in Europe. The factory owner saw no trouble in that and did not make a fuss about it. All of a sudden the owner of the factory was getting phone calls and letters containing threats demanding that he fire the Moslem women or else face dire consequences. The factory owner persisted in his respect for human rights and insisted on keeping the women notwithstanding all these anonymous cowardly threats.

The barbarians would not let up and continued to threaten the factory owner by phone mail and other means including an envelope with bullets to scare the factory owner to get the girl to remove the veil or fire her. The case started getting the attention of the public in Belgium and the case became controversial: Should Belgium, a modern state with a strong traditional European history and a minor stint as a big power during the Age of Imperialism allow Islam to infiltrate its modern lifestyle and progressive secular philosophy? For our Moslem lady, the Belgian people were more than understanding and respectful of the rights of one of their citizens and insisted that the factory owner should not succumb to these hooligans of the night who have no qualms about what the likes of Sharon do at night as they quench their thirst for the blood of children while they are in their deep slumber. The support was overwhelmingly in favor of the woman upholding her beliefs.

The story did not end there. In a dramatic show of real civilization and respect for human rights, His Majesty King Albert went through a very touching display of true Royal humility and went on to have all the television cameras of the world follow him as he went to pay his respect to the factory owner and the Belgian Moslem woman and thus show the world that prejudice and long embedded biases are not the making of a modern nation.

Perhaps one would think that this incident should not have attracted attention as it did and certainly that is true, if one does not see the real fine lines that are catapulted into prominence in the wake of the French to succumb to Zionist biases and right wing hate mongrels in France, who are propagating that anything Islamic should always be treated with a taint of hatred and suspicion.

Thus we wonder if the rest of Europe will learn a lesson from his Majesty king Albert, who believes that a Moslem Belgian is just as good as any other Moslem citizen and certainly is endowed with inalienable rights that no one can contest.

Back to the Nitty Gritty

Well, the Elections of Iraq are over and thank God the people of Iraq were ready to display their true desire for democratic rule, notwithstanding the fact that it had to be spoon-fed to them. There is an important lesson in this for most of the other Arab leaders, who fail to see the importance of what transpired in Iraq. Yes, no body wants to be spoon fed democracy with the barrel of an American tank, but democracy is fervently desired by the Arab people everywhere, no matter how it comes. No one is ready to raise that “welcome” banner to any American forces, God forbid, but it should be borne in mind that most of the Arab people are tired of their archaic dictatorships that continue to step on their constituents necks for God knows how long and now insist that their domains are subject to hereditary dictates as well.

It is in the interest of the Arab nation that \t our leaders to start thinking about how to truly make history and that is simply by letting their people become truly free democratic societies. To have it come from our leaders is far more appealing than to have it come via American tanks, but then who knows how God wills his justice for the discontent and downtrodden of the world?