landlords and tenants [Archives:2008/1200/Reportage]

October 20 2008

By: Ola Alshami
Sudden increase in rents, harsh conditions, water cuts and electricity blackouts are common conditions some landlords impose on their tenants which increase the hostility between the two parties.

Ahmed AlShaibani, a lawyer, assures that there is a law, issued in 2006, to control this type of behavior. Dr. Al Mortada Bin Zaid Almahatwary, the founder and chairman of Badr centre for Islamic studies, and Law Professor at Sana'a University, added that although the law is clear, only few people follow it and most landlords lease their homes without contracts.

Almahatwary, who is also a landlord, adds, “As a landlord I always make sure I have a contract to reserve my rights and the tenant's rights, whenever I rent my house”.

On the contrary