Law and order:Far from reality [Archives:2003/657/Letters to the Editor]

August 7 2003

Mohamed Abdullah
[email protected]

Our president's comment on the above subject is welcomed by all Yemenis. While it is not for the first time such comments are given, ever since 1989 during re-unification efforts of the homeland the same comments have been reiterated today with no tangible results.
It is incumbent upon the government and the president to establish the rule of law and order in this country and equal citizenship to all irrespective of nativity or tribal classifications. All the economic, social and industrial development cannot be achieved with the current lawlessness and wide-spread corruption. The wheel of development cannot be turned without the availability of law and order.
Besides, recent survey reported continuing drop in foreign investment due to the lack of investments security – caused by corrupted judicial system. Gulf investors opt for Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco etc. where sound judicial system safeguards their investments. The increase in unemployment in this country can be tackled by Arab and foreign investors, who could only be attracted by the rule of law and order currently in the doldrums.
It is high time the government and the president spear-head real changes towards the achievement of law and order. Tribal and military individuals who are mostly the law breakers and have protection from the higher authority in the country have to be dealt with no mercy.
The president's call should be headed by all concerned and efforts be done towards achieving the noble cause for law and order that this country has long lived without it.