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June 28 1999

Sudanese Ambassador: “I Feel a Strong Attachment to Yemen”
Yemen Times has established a tradition of speaking to every diplomat who has worked in Sanaa upon their arrival and their leaving. H.E. Sudanese Ambassador Abdulbaqi Mohammed Hassan is leaving Yemen now. On this occasion, Ismail AL-Ghabery of Yemen Times talked him and filed the following interview.
Q: On the occasion of finishing your work in Yemen, how do you see the Yemeni-Sudanese relation?
A: First of all I would like to thank Yemen Times for this opportunity and, again, to extend my sincere condolences to the Yemen Times and Dr. Saqqaf’s family on the death of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf.
Actually, it is very difficult to evaluate in words the historical relations between our two brother people. But I can say that many cooperational protocols were signed through the few last years. And now it is easy to see how far, the bilateral official ties and popular relations have developed in all fields. I have also to point out what I feel from my own experience, that the progressive and positive bilateral relations will get stronger under the determination of the political leadership of our two sister countries.
Q: What is your impression of Yemen?
A: About twenty years ago I had been in Yemen for my first diplomatic mission, and luckily I was back for a second one in 1995. I am proud to say that really I feel strong attachment to this country and its people. Of course, I keep myself informed of the great developments in Yemen, throughout the last 20 years, but I can highly consider the great achievements in all fields, and would like to especially mention the national unity and the establishment of the republic.
Q: How do you see the situation of Sudan today, particularly its relation with neighboring countries?
A: I guess that you are aware of some developments in Sudan through your readings or watching the different media, but you know this is not enough, it will never be like actually being present in a place. Sudan is surrounded by nine countries, and a couple of years back was suffering from minor troubles with four neighbors. But now I can say that the Sudanese diplomatic efforts have begun to bring the relations with all neighbors to a normal and healthy situation on the basis of communication and non-interference in other’s affairs. Actually, the bilateral relations with each neighboring country is promising, and I am very hopeful in this regard.
Q: Could you please tell us something about your new work?
A: Of course, I will be back to the headquarters of the Ministry of External Relations to resume my duties, and I will do my best, from my new official post, through my popular contacts, to utilize all the accessible tools for the benefit of the bilateral relations between our two countries.
Q: Any closing comments?
A: Actually, what I would like to stress is my genuine feeling that I belong to this generous country and people. I would also like to extend my worm greetings to the President Ali Abdulah Saleh and all officials for their kind support to strengthen the positive cooperation between our two sister countries and people. Finally, I would like to offer you my hope for progress and prosperity to your newspaper.