Leadership and gender in a workshop [Archives:2004/746/Community]

June 14 2004

By Fahmia AL-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

The Yemeni Women Union (YWU) concluded on Tuesday 8 June a 4-day workshop that devoted to discussing the issues of gender and leadership.
The participants were from all the branches of YWU in different governorates.
Wafa'a Ahmed Balfaqih, member of the executive office and Officer for Projects and Training at YWU, told Yemen Times “This course of training comes under the frame of building the institutional capabilities project for YWU. There are a number of training courses and workshops aimed at training woman leaders in various fields. The workshop of today is the conclusion of a 3 former workshops that tackled the issues of the gender and leadership in which the participants focused on the role of the man and women besides the developmental gaps in jobs and reinforcement the role of woman in development process that can be achieved by the effective participation for women in education, health, managing the projects taking decisions and etc.
We divide the governorate members into groups through which they can exchange experiences.
There are a number of specific dimensions to be discussed today and CARE organization is playing a pivotal role in rehabilitating the female cadre on which YWU can depend in future.”