Lebanon is calling out! [Archives:2006/968/Letters to the Editor]

August 31 2006

Afrah Nasser
[email protected]

Lebanon has been crying out for half a month and all the Arab nations have continued to show a great deal of sympathy towards it. The obvious choice for them was to protest alongside all the world nations that have protested too. Israel have allowed aid to be delivered to the Lebanese people, and in days to come (hopefully very soon), the war “insha' Allah” will be over and the reconstruction of Lebanon will start, but all of that needs a lot of money. Now is the time to show the Lebanese people that they are always in our thoughts.

Yemen is not a rich country, but I believe that we can help if we do several simple things. Such as, don't chew qat for a day and donate the money to Lebanon. Can't do it? Try buying less expensive qat and donate the rest of the money. You may all underestimate my idea, but sleep on it, and I hope it will work out. 200 riyals equals one dollar. Don't take the taxi to your friend's house, try other less expensive transportation, and I hope you will save one dollar to donate.

I'm sure you can save few dollars if you really want to donate. Call your cell phone company and see if it provides a means by which to donate. No good will come of this war, so let's be there for each other, because yesterday it was Palestine and Iraq, today it is Lebanon, and who knows who will be next?