Lecture heldThe merits of breastfeeding [Archives:2005/808/Community]

January 17 2005

Taiz Bureau
Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Science & Culture held on Jan.12 a lecture on “The Modern Approach to Breastfeeding”.

Delivered by Dr. Abdulkareem Ras'e Rector of Aden University, the event was attended by Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Ghurbani Head of Yemeni Red Cross Association, Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Sayyani General Manager of Al-Jumhouri Hospital and Dr. Mohammad Al-Durrah Associate Professor at Taiz University as well as a number of physicians working for different health institutions.

Mr. Faisal Far'e General Director of Al-Sa'eed Foundation delivered a speech at the beginning of the lecture in which he welcomed all the attendants and gave brief information about the lecture and its importance.

While lecturing, Dr. Ras'e reviewed the new studies and approaches to breastfeeding and its benefits.

He pointed out that he along with his colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine- Aden University have already formed a work team including a number of physicians to conduct a broad study in the most densely populated governorates in Yemen.

They have the intention to compare the findings of the study with what is there in the European Nations and the USA where media campaigns are launched to spread awareness among people about the great benefits of breastfeeding.

But in Yemen, a great tendency among mothers to feed their infants with manufactured milk is increasing.

“Realizing such tendency going up, we feel compelled to explain to mothers the latest scientific discoveries associated with breastfeeding,” Dr. Ras'e noted. “In our study we found out that breastfed infants are less subjected to diseases like diarrhea and fever.

He added: “We came to a conclusion that breastfeeding mothers are less subject to cancer, digestion problems and psychological diseases. The researchers stressed that breastfed babies are often more intelligent than others.

The modern researches explored that mother's milk can be used for the treatment of adults and it is sold in many countries. So Dr. Ras'e called on judges and religious scholars to issue their fatwa concerning the purchase of mother's milk for the purpose of treating adults and how it can be possible for a patient to drink milk of anonymous source.

Concluding his lecture, Dr. Ras'e said the government should give mothers one year leave from work, with her salary, in order to care for her baby.