Leisure’s pressure can be lethal [Archives:2007/1097/Community]

October 25 2007

By:Saif Hamoud Maaoud Na'eim
Student in Sana'a Univ
Faculty of art English Dep.
[email protected]

To express my own ideas in an article and send it to the newspaper to be published is an extraordinary project and motive idea to read more and more, therefore I am appreciator for you all in Yemen Times stuff especially the charger of this page. Here I am writing to negotiate a common and can be a lethal issue belongs the young before the adult of leisure time. Through out our life we face a matter of leisure that can benefited us or hurt us as well, however leisure has gotten a bad rap, and I invite you to re-think your concept of leisure time.

It's not just what you do when you not working, but it is a way of thinking, a way of being, and away of approaching life that brings joy not just a distraction , a waste of time or a way to occupy the hours until one is working again. Hectic life style has made us work, wish and bore rashly, we become immobilized to enjoy our paste time. The big wheal that keeps on turning of rush confuse us putting the new exact steps for us to follow in order to refresh our ambitions.

The most essential question is how do we spend our free time?. Considerable choices to answer this question for instance, some of us goes to the net-cyber in order to have fun or get information, whereas some others prefer chewing Qat in a comfortable corner dreaming and building castles in the air. Going out is a welcome idea for those who used to work full time, while reading and make up mind's information is hardly ever exist. Further more, leisure can be enough reason for depression and suicide in case lack of self-confidence and hesitating mentality along with the instances around the whole world of us including the poor and the wealthy beside the normal and the famous. A few examples had made it through their loneliness; Emily Dickenson is one of them.

Dickenson is one of the greatest American poets whom sparkled through the19 century and she titled by the hope and frustrated poet cause of her life experiences that ended sadly making her pessimistic, whenever she tried to be optimistic she fell gloomy again. After all, she chose being alone and that's what she did to discover who is she in leisure. Dickenson wrote magnificent poem about what she never achieve through her life but she did posthumously and left an obvious trace in the poetry world.

Another point of learning to do nothing in your free time is the center of real rest. It isn't easy as it sound, at least for those who become work-addicted – doing nothing may bring up anxiety about being seen as bum or identity crisis of who am I without my job?. In the long run, don't worry about what still un-known for you and enjoy your life in what you can to get the fruit of success and to manifest your new future steps, just trust the voice within and exploit the opportunity of leisure to find out something new in your personality.