Let’s clean our home first [Archives:2005/809/Letters to the Editor]

January 20 2005

Nabeel Y. Albadany
[email protected]

I read what you have written about your visit to Saudi Arabia. Allow me to say that we should start working on fixing our internal house and get rid of all the corruption that exists in our country before asking others for help. I think even if Saudis helped us by doing some kind investment in Yemen, as long as the corruption is still in our government, no matter how big that help is, it is not going to help a bit. Let's start cleaning our house first. Let's get rid of those high-ranking officials who spread corruption all over the country.

Let's face the real problem and not shy away from it. We, Yemenis abroad, would like and wish from the bottom of our hearts to go back home and start contributing in building the country. But first, tell those people who are in charge for years and years to start being serious on what they call “the reform” or if they can not do it, let them step damn, period. And enough is enough.