Letter to Osama Bin Laden [Archives:2006/1009/Letters to the Editor]

December 21 2006

By: Tereasa Sanders-Halligan
[email protected]

Do you remember me?

I am America and I remember you!

Five years! How fast time flies.

It seems like just yesterday and yet I've had half a decade to dwell upon it.

I've saved the memories in a special compartment in my mind and I access them regularly in order to keep them fresh and vivid. They fan the flames of patriotic fervor

Osama, did you know that when you touch flames, you're bound to get burned?

I remember you, Osama! I remember with the consciousness of many!

In your ignorance, you thought me meek and mild

You saw me as a sheep ready for slaughter.

With my Stepford-style houses, my movies and my credit cards,

You thought me easy pickings and like a coyote, you moved on me!

You forgot one thing, Osama.

What sometimes is perceived to be weak and easy prey isn't exactly what it seems.

There's often a wolf hidden inside the sheep's clothing!

A wolf always will win in battle against the cowardly coyote!

Remember this, Osama.

Five years, wow!

Has it really been that long?

We both know it has.

We will meet again, you and I!

Sincerely and with fortitude,