Letters to the Editor [Archives:1999/17/Letters to the Editor]

April 26 1999

To My Favorite Newspaper, the Yemen Times, 
I wish to begin by hoping that you have had a blessed and happy new Hijri year (1420). May Allah make it a year of success and prosperity for all of us. Secondly, I would like to thank you a lot for your efforts to provide us with local news about our country as well as and communicating with us on every occasion. Thirdly, I would like to inform you about the winter season here in China and how we suffer a lot from strange weather. I spent all my live in Hodeidah City, which is famous for hot weather and then came to Wuhan in China, which has a freezing winter. So I would like to make a suggestion as to what happened: 
”  Winter and Bad Weather Here in China, this winters harsh weather in all the provinces has made us physically and mentally exhausted. Subzero temperatures, strong winds, frequent snowstorms. It is really a strange and harmful  weather for us as Yemenis. 
Most people here took the severe weather with good humor. After several weeks of below – average temperature and above – average precipitation, people have begun to get testy. Traveling by car has become almost impossible. If drivers manage to dig their cars out of shoulder-high snow, they often find that their car batteries have died. The ones who in fact are able to get as far as the street near by, would rather find that their cars wheels dont roll along the ice roads, and hence their vehicles slide all over. The number of accidents has been mounting steadily. Most of them result from ice-slickened roadways, The ice has even damaged street pavements. Alternating freezes and thaws have created innumerable potholes, some large enough to destroy a tire or even break an axle. 
Walking isnt any easier than driving. Sidewalks are piled high with snow and snow-drifts, forcing pedestrians to become mountain climbers just to cross streets. People are sick of this weather. Some people have found difficulties in attempting to do the simplest daily tasks. But fortunately, this is a problem that time will definitely cure. My family and I spent all the winter season inside our home. We couldnt and didnt leave it. Of course, we could not stay here without our two gigantic heaters, which enable us to calmly stay all time under the blankets. Now after one month of suffering, my daughter feels very happy to look through her rooms window and see the flowers blooming again for the first time in months. You in Yemen should thank God for the wonderful weather you have!  Abdulwhab Alhatami  Wuhan-China