Letters to the Editor [Archives:1999/21/Letters to the Editor]

May 24 1999

Privatization of Communication Sector  I recently read that our government is discussing the possibility of privatizing the Public Telecommunications Authority. The price it asks for is 100 Million USD. 
I did not believe it. Until now I did not know if this was true. 
I am writing this letter to express my disgust. The infrastructure of the telecommunications in our country will fetch a minimum of a few billion dollars, not millions. So if this news is true, then I think some people in power must be in line to buy it. Nothing else can explain thus very cheap price. 
In any country that privatization has taken place, it is the non-profitable state companies which are privatized, not the successful ones. Additionally, a part of the company is allocated for ordinary citizens to buy, so that those who rule the country do not carry the whole thing.  Masoud Qabili  [email protected]  _______________ 
Dear Editor, 
I’m a Russian journalist who is very interested in your country and follow its events with much interest. I would be very grateful if you could put my name and address on your mailing list and send me a copy of your publication. It is indeed a pleasure for me to receive copies of your prestigious newspaper the Yemen Times which I will keep for future reference and contact. Thank you in advance.  Andy Martynyuk  Moscow, Russian 
You got it, friend. You have been added to our complementary list. We are happy that you find the Yemen Times a useful reference.  -The Editor