Letters to the Editor [Archives:1999/26/Letters to the Editor]

June 28 1999

Yemen Times: Keep it up!
Our calamity is that we are losing all our great leaders, and the talented figures that, if allowed to live longer, would certainly have done miracles for our country. We have lost a lot, but this time we have lost a generation.
The news of Dr.Saqqaf’s death stunned and shocked everyone. He was in the prime of his life, devoting his life to the task of creating a better tomorrow for Yemen. What he has achieved in his shortened life is tremendous, and he undoubtedly had more to give and produce. However, he has left us for good. I was completely shocked by the news of his death. But what shocked me more was the position this man had in the hearts of the people. 
While I was at the Yemen Times Taiz office, I received a large number of condolence calls. Most of the people did not believe the news, some broke into tears, but all agreed that this was a great loss, not only for his family but also for the Arab community in general and Yemen in particular. While distributing the Yemen Times with the Taiz Bureau chief, people used to grab the pictures from our hands. Some knocked at the windows of the car while driving asking for their pictures of the late. Some even came to the office.
Dr. Saqqaf was one of the leading human rights defenders in Yemen and the Arab world. He was the real spirit of democracy in our country, the only one who could say ‘No.” This commitment and determination to achieve his goals were formidable and impressive. Now the man is gone, but what he has preached about and struggled for is still alive. He struggled for democracy, human rights, and justice through the Yemen Times. I would sincerely ask his son Walid and those working at the Yemen Times to continue on the same path, following his footsteps to achieve the sacred mission he started. So, “never let him down.”
Tawfiq M. Al-Shara’aby
Taiz University
Extra-Curricular Annual Activities in Taiz
First of all, I would like to express my deep sorrow over the death of Dr. Saqqaf, publisher and chief editor of the Yemen Times. But, the paper will continue its mission of illuminating the society. We really find our solace in it.
I would also like to say that the English Department ,Faculty of Arts Taiz university has launched a flurry of extra-curricular activities, which have become an annual tradition to search for bright young talents and nourish them further. Being one of the students of the department, I would like to thank the people in charge of the department, particularly Dr. Durayni, chairman of the department, Dr. Latif, the organizer of the activities, and Dr. Singh for their hard work to push us forward. I think such activities are very important for polishing up the students’ skills. This tradition should be introduced in all the departments of our universities.
Nada Yahia Qanber
Taiz University
Noble People Never Grow Old
I had a belief that noble people never grow old. Now, the death of Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf has proven that belief.
Whenever I read his articles, I felt that such a man is ready to give his all for his country, and we all should follow him. I really can’t express the sadness I feel at his death. May Allah be merciful to him.
I send my condolences to the deceased family and may Allah give you the patience in this tragedy.
Abdulkarem Kaid
Great Loss to All Yemen
We came to Yemen last October and quickly discovered the Yemen Times, which we buy every week. We soon realized what a special and dedicated man your father was. We never dreamed we would have the privilege of meeting him. This happened at a dinner at the British Ambassador’s home last February. We had been kidnapped and were released the previous day, so we had the opportunity to chat to him, for which we were grateful.
His untimely death is a great loss not only to his family but also to Yemen as a whole. Our sympathy goes to you, your family and to the staff of Yemen Times. May God be your comfort.
Eddie and Mary Rosser