Letters to the Editor [Archives:1999/41/Letters to the Editor]

October 11 1999

Another Millennium Bug, but in the Health Sector While we are about to enter the 21st century, we are promised with the “Health to all” slogan.
This slogan has been used as a slogan only for many years during the election campaigns, but still there are no signs of implementing what it refers to, i.e., health to all. A simple look at any “typical” hospital will show the miserable situation of health conditions in Yemen. All departments staff in a hospital, including doctors, administrative staff, technicians, are mostly unqualified. We can easily notice that they do not have enough skill and knowledge while in their duties. They exploit the illiteracy of people to pass any thing over them, and get themselves out of any embarrassment. The hygiene level of medical equipment and tools are terrible. Infections of diseases are high, especially in dental clinic, where there are virtually no means of preventing diseases from affecting others.
People are losing the confidence in their hospitals. They cannot trust Yemeni doctors any more. Yet, they also don’t have a choice.
Hospitals should be the most organized place, those who work in a such place should be well-trained. Doctors must never forget the oath they took when they started their jobs or when they received their academic certificates. I don’t mean all doctors are not good, of course there are exceptions. However, in Yemen the number of those frank doctors is limited, pushing us to make a generalization. On the other hand, I pay my respect to the very few doctors who have not lost their respect to their profession.
Finally, I would like to ask, will the slogan “health for all” come to life one day? Roweida Al-Saqqaf Do You Have a Chip on Your Shoulder? People in Yemen cannot seem to change . The same people of the sixties still exist. I mean, of course, their way of thinking not the way they dress, eat or talk . Many people have been abroad.
went to universities and rubbed shoulders with many people of different cultures still, they think in the same way. Is it because of the dominance of illiteracy or is it ignorance ?
In Yemen string pulling is known as “wassata”, and is not like in any other country. In our country bribe and string pulling dominate the employment policy in most of the companies and organization.
A person applies for a job and he/she is very much legible for it but the chief or manager gets a call from a friend or relative.
“Hi, old bud can you do me a favour ? My cousin needs the job you advertised .” The other would most of times say ” O.k. No problem just let him/her apply and the job is his/hers.” What a way to hire people! Then, we can’t ask ourselves way we still do not take our jobs seriously . It is because most of us are simply not legible and unqualified. Same may say it is found everywhere in the world. would say yes that is true but it is not as serious as in Yemen and not in important jobs . They may hire a friend if he is qualified or if the job does need being professional like waters or secretaries. But in our country even if the job is very professional and demanding they would not care about that.
What adds insult to injury is the fact that the people doing this are the some people who appear in public talking about change and modernization. They don’t mind hiring unqualified people and them the prestige of their institution is tarnished because of that. Those who see themselves as modern people with open minds and mentalities do these things. I think it’s time they thought about this matter and reconsidered it. Those who have chips on their shoulders should be intelligent enough to understand. Do you have a chip on your shoulder? By: Bu-Madyan Mohammed Al-Abasi Modern thoughts The Darwinism & the ‘Miss Link’ Problem People scattering throughout the world are from Adam. Adam was made up of clay. He dwelt in different places of the world. He had been learnt various kinds of knowledge which became very fixed on his mind and he inherited it to his sons. When he had landed on the earth, this knowledge was screened by instinctive needs, i.e., the important body needs of food and reproduction.
The recent human being (Homo sapiens) mind was divided into two parts. The “Living Mind” and ” the post living Mind”. The former deals with the body needs, i.e., satisfying the mandate needs of food and reproduction, while the latter deals with the soul needs i.e., the ultimate knowledge which had been learnt in the past.
Now many theories are looking for the origin of the universe. Here we will standardize “Super Nora Theory” (Laplace hypothpsis). A big burning could of hydrogen. This cloud was split in process of time into many stars i.e., many suns. Each sun originated it’s own set of planets. From each planet has emerged the moon, which revolves around it. So the sun and it’s set of planets including our earth have existed.
“O not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were jointed together (as one unite of Creation), before we clove them a sunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe” Surat Al-Anbiyaa 21-30.
According to “Modern Periodic Table” in chemistry, the hydrogen atom was the least element. The rest of elements were fixed gradually according to the increase of their atomic number, i.e., the electron or the proton number. The solid and soft body of the earth was composed of these elements either in a single from or in compounds.
From hydrogen and oxygen water was formed. From water and carbon the organic matter was created. From the organic matter ” Living protoplasm ” was composed. It has appeared via series of reactions of nucleic acids, i.e., D.N.A and R.N.A. The micro-organelles like Virus and Bacteria of (Kingdom Monera) were the first living things. Then the Monoplastica, the Diploplastica and finally the Triploplastica. “And God has created every animals from water. OF them there are some that creep on their bellies, some that walk on tow legs; And some that walk on four ; God creates what he will; For verily God has power over all things.” Surat Alnur 24-45
The Triploplastica being with warms followed by insects, which are known as invertebrate. Finally the vertebrates and it’s top living being the primitive man (Home errectos).
These biological reactions took place in the natural laboratory via millions of years. Because the primitive man was not provided with ” P.L.M” his life was so instinctive and reassembling animal life. When the recent man had landed on the earth, in extremely short time he established many civilizations. He was very cleaver, conscious and was provided with ” P.L.M”
As a conclusion we can say that, there was no missing link between the primitive man (Homo errectos) and the conscious man (Homo sapiens.) Because the former was a result of evolution of the earth via millions of years while the latter had landed on the earth from another world, i.e., he was extra-terrestrial. That means there is no relation between the recent man and the apes. Mr. Adil .M.A.Elamin International institute of Islamic Thoughts (73/95) P.O.Box 669, 555- Groue st. Hernodon, VA 22070 U.S.A
Dear Editor,
I hopethat you are all fine. I would like to express my deepest Thank and gratitude to you for publishing such valuable and important articles. Specially articles such as, “Rights of woman in Islam”, “Children are the Butterflies of heaven” by D. Azza Ghanem and ” Ignorance’s Consequences on own Society” by Mohamed No-man Al- Hokum “Taiz” Your efforts are applauded by all readers.
Such articles, in fact, describe the misunderstanding of Islam by westerners, The false thoughts that Islam is the reason of backwardness. The truth is that on the contrary, backwardness is because we have not abided by Islam. If we look back to the early ages of Islam, we would understand how it enabled the Muslim state to become the best in terms of science and culture. Moreover, when westerners claim that Islam is the reason behind our backwardness claiming that they were the pioneers in science. Hence, they forget that muslims were among the first ever in sciences discoveries and inventions a long time ago.
Besides all of that, your articles revealed the facts about Islam and were able to raise the voices in saying “No!” to all accusations against Islam. To sum it all up, I stress that the priority is for us Muslims is to reveal the beauty and wisdom of Islam. That is why I wish you more success and want you to convey my deepest thanks to Mr. Mohammed Noman Al- Hakimi “Taiz”, The writer of the last article mentioned above, in the last issue No 39, We owe you a lot for your great articles. Fadl Ahmed Abbas Ghazi