Letters to the Editor [Archives:1999/50/Letters to the Editor]

December 13 1999

Dear Editor,
Let me first express my admiration for Yemen Times. You are giving us some nice surprises in every issue. I’m so happy at your section of “IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH” as it is very important to all of us learning English. This page is a window through which we can know more about this language. We hope that there will be more development in this part with more useful features. Another thing, we are interested to contribute in this page poems, commentaries on phenomena, etc.
Al least a focus on this would let us express our talents.
Seaha’a Abdulkah Haza Al-Kobati
Student – Taiz.
Dear Seaha’a,
We welcome contributions from students like you for publication in Youth Forum. Keep reading Yemen Times and send us your comments.
I am also lonely
Darkness crawls slowly
when I find myself lonely
Mute walls sympathize with me
No voices, no motion
I was buried in silence
I found my imagination flying high
Flying to the realm of seasons
I invoked the four seasons’ king
I was welcomed warmly by him
I begged of him to bless me
It assured me the bliss of the spring
In a flash I saw roses around
I was thrilled to pluck one rose
But I asked myself
For whom I cut this rose?
I am still looking for hope
Because I am lonely
The hope is beyond me
Which looks like a blossom
On the top of a mountain
And I am here at its bottom
Trying to get its touch
But all in vain
So the hope disappeared
Melted like a fond dream
Which I saw in my sleep
I can’t remember where it was
Only the sadness and some dialogue
Between hope
And the desire of fulfilling it
But I am still lonely
Between tears and walls
There is no tissue to wipe my tears
Finally, I was enticed by slumber
When I got up
I found that I am still lonely
Then I shouted for hope
Lift me from the realm of sadness
But answer there was none
So I said Good-bye, farewell
I deeply realized the sting of sadness
Mohammed Yahia Saleh
Faculty of Education
Human beings always look for happiness. Therefore God sent his prophets to people to guide them to achieve happiness in their lives, the last prophet being Prophet Mohammed (peace and prayers be upon him).
Many philosophers and intellectuals currently think that happiness is achievable through technological progress which has achieved many wonders and brought a lot of comfort, unimagined by people in the past.
Some other people think that happiness could be achieved by soul searching only. So what is true happiness? Where can we find her? I want to say that the answer is within our reach. Happiness consists in maintaining a healthy balance between purity of life and technological progress and the exemplary conduct signaling the state of balance as directed by our Prophet (peace and prayers be upon him) and his followers. As the Prophet said, ” I left two things, if you hold fast to them, you will never suffer after my death; the God’s book (the Holy Qura’an) and my Autobiography.
Abdul Galil Nasser Al-Shara’abi
Arhb Education College
Theft in my Wooden Hut on October 30th
I am aged 63, dependent on a monthly pension of £15 paid by the Brown Agents in London. I haven’t any children to support me. I have a problem with my left eye which is developing a cataract and through which I am unable to see. I can’t even pay for the medical treatment fees. I am jobless. Let me tell you what happened on all these problems.
I live alone in a wooden hut on the hill at Khusaf behind Al Darwish Building. While I was away at night someone broke my door, entered and took my Toshiba TV, National Video and 6 video cassettes, which is my only entertainment as I am not an addict of qat, alcohol or even betel leaf.
I immediately reported to the police who came in their car and after seeing the condition called the fingerprint expert to whom I had to pay 200 rials for petrol and 700 as fees for photographing the thieves’ fingerprints at certain places. There have been no clues of the culprits until now. I wasn’t even in a position to pay for the police who were during their duty.
Under the circumstances explained above, and as we are during this Holy month of Ramadhan, when will Moslems help a needy person?
Razzak Yassin A.Razzak
Afghan Street, Crater, Aden
Dear Editor,
I am really very pleased to read the editions of Improve your English. In fact, it is a very useful aid for the various categories of people who are interested in the English language.
I’d like to request you to include some grammatical lessons in areas such as:
1) If & Relative Clauses,
2) Direct & Indirect Speech,
c) Active & Passive Voice, and
d) Tenses in General, etc.
This would help many students, here in Yemen who are lacking knowledge in the grammatical formations.
Sadik N. Mohammed
Traqi, Sana’a.
Dear Sadik,
We are planning to include some lessons on English grammar in the near future. Thank you.
Dear Editor,
My full thanks to all who participated in Yemen Times in general and a chief editor in particular. I would like to say that no one who reads YT can deny its serious role as an independent newspaper. Because it embodies the meaning of ‘independence of the press,’ and criticizes and analyzes logically and objectively on any theme or subject it deals with. If it is an economic, political, social or a cultural one, then Yemen Times presents the solutions and benefits. As a matter of fact it is worth mentioning that dealing with the above-mentioned subjects frankly, bravely and with an open mind indicates that our beloved writers devote their souls and energies for the sake of the utility and the honor of the word, and also indicates that our brotherly Yemenis are practicing a living democracy.
Lastly I would like to call up on every intellectual Yemeni and Arab to support and encourage our Yemen Times.
Tarig A. Ibrahim –
A Sudanese Teacher