Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/05/Letters to the Editor]

January 31 2000

The Arabs Present
The Arabs present is like a wall that is about to collapse. Arabs have lost all the meanings of brother-hood and Arabic enthusiasm. That is not a random speech, all Arabs acts confirm that truth.
Although all the common factors and the participated destiny which gather them, the gap between them is getting wider and wider.
When the Arabi rulers think of meeting, the disagreements strengthen more and more. Even if they met, there would be no hopeful things.
In reality, it will be a great achievement if they just finished their summit conference as they expected. So, there is a saying of “Arabs agreed not to agree”.
As a result of all these disappointing aspects, Arab rights have been neglected and their dignity has been insulted. When any civilization get rid of its values, it sentences itself to death. In other words, if we want to restore our glorious civilization, we have to go back to our original values, the values of brother-hood, honesty, tolerance, etc. Unless, we have to blame only ourselves.
Abdulghafoor Nagib Awad Al-Hakimi, Sana’a
Dear Editor,
Let me first express my great admiration for YT newspaper. I hope you will continue the great job of the late Dr. Abdulaziz as you are his son. We all appreciate Dr. Saqqaf’s role in human rights as well as defending democracy. I sent an article regarding the tribes of Yemen.
Amal Al-Saidy
Dear Editor,
At the beginning of my letter I don’t agree with Mr. Mohammed Hatem Al-Qadi in his Article. Because there is no relation between the Freedom of thought and Expression. And what’s introduced or applied in the conference. Because that’s interferes in our religion at same time there is no need to bring New Ideas from outside “ABROAD” while we have the Quran between our hands full of rules just if we follow only!! and why do you cry for Morseel. For none Muslim person who sings with Quran words it’s better to cry for the Quran. Thank you
Aref Malek, Hajjah
Solar Drying in Yemen
The Republic of Yemen is located in the Southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula. It is situated in the sun belt area of the word with monthly average solar radiation 18 to 26 MJ/m2/day with over 3000 hours per year clear blue sky.
Man has for long, used the sun for drying food product, more recently this simple utilization has been developed to meet the requirement of economizing on energy and minimizing its damaging effects on the environment. At present solar energy has been accorded increasing attention. Solar drying is one of the possible applications of solar energy in Yemen, which confirms with the society’s economic, social and cultural levels of development. It is concerned with the utilization of solar dryers in drying of agricultural products. Their is evident information about sun and solar drying in the literature. The traditional sun drying of some local products in Yemen such as grapes, coffee, pepper and tomato have been discussed in some of our studies.
The need to assist in developing a self-help technology for minimizing the post harvest losses and to profit the seasonal height inexpensive production is the essential motive for giving more attention to solar dryers. Also in view of seasonal nature and scattered locations of agricultural products it is necessary to propose an easy way for using the sun for the production of dried products.
Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Kathiri
Hadramout University of Science
Dear Editor,
I will be much obliged to you if you read my letter whole. How happy I am to write and express my happiness to success and continuity. Yemen Times after the death of our teacher Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, you really prove that YT stronger to die.
I used to read YT every week for 5 years to profit by all texts and articles and earn many information. Two months ago, I saw intensive advertisements in many English magazines and newspapers about Halloween.
I have only little data about Halloween that it’s the last night of October and it becomes a time for parties where the children dress up like witches and play all kinds of special games such as “ducking for apple” AND “TRICK OR TREAT” and I hope that you will help me to know more and more about this occasion and how these games “Ducking for Apple” and “Trick or treat” might be played and why these games so called?
Nabeel Ahmad
Al-Udain Street, Ibb.
Dear Editor,
I want to thank you for your excellent viewpoint for this week. I wish if Yemen Times continue calling for the improvement of the educational system, so that the new generation is taught to be innovative and use his mind freely, not only memorizing for the sake of only getting useless certificates, degrees, etc.. Alhammedallah Unification and Democracy have been achieved, Ali Abdulallah Salih will be ever remembered for these achievements and all the other wise elements in the government, in particular Dr.Al-Arianyi. These are very important beginnings and would defiantly pave the way for such improvements, but we must put in our mind they are only the beginnings. This way they will gain the necessary confidence and work for the best of our country, and explore the hidden skills and talents. There is no worse than undermining someone’s mind and ability, anyone, who leads to his/her acceptance that his/her existence is just an added number to the mass population, then to his/her being unproductive.
If this is the case, this will be the beginning of a real devolved modern Yemen that would produce great thinkers, innovators and restore Yemen to its normal position not only in the region but internationally, we deserve that, otherwise we will be damned by the next generation. Yemen is a great nation and our people are unique.
Once again I would like to thank Yemen Times and its Chief Editor Mr. Walid Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf for their endless effort to discuss and bring the attention to these important issues. Keep this excellent work and wish you all the best and success.
Raouf Hussain
RE Article on Education
I understand the authors concern was to highlight difficulties in the schooling process, however lets evaluate the source of the cure. Is the teacher powerless to make changes or just a victim of the ministry of Education?
The teacher is in his/her class most of the time working alone and has little outside control compared to inside control. If change is to come, there can only be one source of a cure which has to be from the teacher himself. This means the Ministry while it could provide more professional development tools to teachers, really have little power over the teacher. If a teacher doesn’t wish to change once he has his job and degree, which will really make him go to a higher standard. On the other hand a teacher who wishes to become a better teacher can do so on his own. How? Reading books, using step by step trial and error process, there are so many ways! May Allah first bless all teachers, and secondly help them become able to show off Yemeni wisdom.
Adam Quraishi
Dear Editor,
Thank you for your efforts, to make Yemen known. And allow me please to express my feeling and impression after I have red some pages of your newspaper. In fact first I felt very Happy to see my country mates producing such great thing ‘Yemen Times Newspaper”, but frankly I felt very shame reading about the dirty streets and people bad customs, in your view point. This is not because I deny that we have such dirty streets and bad customs, but because talking about negative things does not serve me as a Yemeni abroad nor does it serve Yemen.
Make sure that you defame me and every Yemeni ‘including your personal’ You defame our love Yemen, in front of the outsider when you are writing about every bad thing in Yemen. Don’t we have good thing to tell people about it? Doesn’t Yemen have good thing to show the world, we want people to like us, we want people to respect us, we want to tell the others we are like any people we have small bad and we have lots of good things. You are showing Yemen to the world, show as you like it. To be more frank with you I am afraid of foreigners around me to read Yemen Times. I want to see something I can take pride of, I can introduce it to every friend and acquaintance near by me, something I can tell every one I say, come and see our newspaper come and see how beautiful our country, Yemen.
Finally I would like to tell you that I am not interested in seeing my words published, but I am very interested to hear that you have read my letter carefully. Sorry if I misbehaved, but I think my good excuse that you believe in democracy.