Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/06/Letters to the Editor]

February 7 2000

Dear Editor,
I read with great interest your editorial view point,when time has no meaning and felt sad and disappointed with the slow progress and development taking place in Yemen,while other nations within the Arab world,and in particular those in close proximity to Yemen have developed and flourished in recent years. Your honest and factly reporting is admired and respected. By the way the overall rating of your paper is very good.
Nageeb Ali Aziz
British Columbia. Canada.
Dear Editor,
I am a Malaysian born Australian (mixed parents) and converted to Islam. I am a part-time journalist and script writer for Radio/Television Malaysia on Islam in English. I have worked for government at the State Religious Council and the private sector as an Admin/Accounts Manager.
It is my sincere desire to come to Yemen to study Arabic because the language is still pure there, living is cheap and backward, and life – well, you have to leave it in the hands of Allah?
Reading news in the newspaper, especially the comments of the Editor, reminds me of my own very nature and struggle for positive progress amongst all Muslims. As such, I could help to some extent in English at the newspaper for nothing. In return I enjoy your patronage which will allow me to stay in Yemen for one year and to attend Arabic classes while I am there. I will pay for my own board and lodgings. All I require is your employment free of charge. Will you consider this? Please let me know. I would like to come up in March/April.
Mr. Editor, your column is indeed a desirable awakening if only the human soul would reflect upon life instead of letting its physical state run its affairs. As a part time journalist I promote the same stimulating values to life with the hope that the Ummah will raise itself from being that of an animal.
I have sent an email to the ‘General’ section of this paper. Please kindly read its contents as I intend to come to Yemen and hope to meet you.
Haji Mokhtar Stork
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I want to express my thanks to you, for continuing on the path that your father has set. He was a great individual, and I’m glad to see that he raised people like you to continue his path. I always read your paper, and the one thing that seems to be missing is the news coverage on the Radaa and Damt area. The reason I’m asking about these two areas is that we have many people in the state of Michigan who are from that part of the country. There have been many conflicts and killing between the various tribes, and we are hoping that Yemen Times would provide the media coverage, and put some pressure on the government to establish justice and law.
Kalid Shajrah
What happened to the
Yemeni-Ethiopian Friendship Association?
Almost seven years since it established by some businessmen. As this association could be the strongest and the most efficient one. It became the weakest and even disappeared.
During the time of the establishment there were some active administrative members. who were trying to make it more successful. They had a very big well furnished apartment as an office. Never long even for a year. After that no body knows what has happened. Where they are and what they did so far.
Are there people thinking that they are the only people in Yemen thinking about the friendship of the two people?
Can one of these people give an explanation why? Didn’t they get any personal advantages out of it?
Was it only feathering for your own nests?
Did they really know the friendship association suppose to do and not suppose to do? Our of the eleven elected management members only four of them are around, but when asked about the association they have different contradicted replies. The surprised the very weak point of this association is none of them knew were the legal documents of the association are. Such as stamp, head letter, etc.
At the other side the so-called ordinary members from the Ethiopian side who are living here in Yemen, never asked or interfered, but when high delegatio or officials come for business or other purposes some hidden members of the association show off; that was also through the big effort of the embassy. Why they are trying to show off or pretending only on this type of association? What a shame?
Lastly, this type of association should be lead by active, honest, and historically well backgrounded about the two people/countries, not by some selfish businessmen only. The businessmen can benefit out of it if they reestablish it again and hand over it for other active members. The businessmen can backup it, and be the backbone of the association. Let’s get he shows on the road.
We are ready to cooperate with them to re-establishing the very important and useful association for the benefit of all.
Mohammed Shatabi
Ordinary member of the association