Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/11/Letters to the Editor]

March 13 2000

My years withered like faded roses,
My loneliness grew, when I was not aware.
One day I saw the bare truth of my life on the mirror!
My conscience has already pricked me,
For along time.
In the dark corners of the life,
I have lived in vain.
What has been unfolding in the corridor of my life,
Till now ….
I could not know!!!
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The Woman and the Lion
A long time ago a woman named Fanaya lived in Debre. She was sad because her husband didn’t love her. He never spoke to her. He never said, “Good morning” to her. In the evening he ate his dinner and went to sleep. He didn’t even look at her.
One day Fanaya went to a wise man. She asked for some advice. She told the wise man that her husband did not love her. The wise man listened to her. He answered, “I’ll tell you what you must do. But first I want you to bring me some hairs from the tail of a lion.”
Fanaya went away. She was very sad. She thought that it was almost impossible to get hair from the lion. However, she said, “I’ll try to do it.”The first time she went to the forest, she was afraid of the lion. She brought him some meat to eat. She also did so on the second day. She stood behind a tree and watched the lion eat the meat. On the third day she brought a sheep. She stood near the sheep while the lion ate it. On the fourth day, she held the meat in her hands. She didn’t run away. Slowly she and the lion became good friends. She brought food to him every day. She sat near him while he ate. One day she pulled some hair from the lion’s tail while he was eating. She gave him some more meat. Then she pulled a little more hair from his tail.
The lion did not even notice her. Fanaya was very happy. She brought the lion’s hair to the wise man’s house. She gave him the hair and said, “Here is the hair from the lion’s tail. What must I do now?”
The wise man smiled “You became friends with the lion. You were very careful. You became friends very slowly. Now you must become friends with your husband in the same way.”
By Khalid Husain Gobran
Love’s Magic
You have transformed me to something rich and strange by the magic touch of your love. So stay and do not go away for I cannot imagine a life without you.
Abdul Ghafoor Nagib Al-Hakimi
Engineering college, Sana’a