Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/16/Letters to the Editor]

April 17 2000

Arabs Must Boycott the Movie
“Rules of Engagement”
I watched the movie “Rules of Engagement” yesterday and I agree with you that it is just another example of Hollywood’s policy of propagating of misinformation and stereotypes about anything that has to do with Islam. The executive decision before release of this film also created the same notion in the Arab-Moslem community all over the world. But sadly the governments and the politicians in the Muslim world are so divided that they can not take a effective stance against Hollywood. For example the Arab league could issue a warning to those Hollywood production companies that produce movies with outright stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims. If the company refused to cooperate and continued to portray the same stereotypes, then the company and all the movies it produces (including those that have no stereotypes) should be banned in the Arab world.
Believe me, sooner or later Hollywood will realize that it is incurring major losses sales particularly if other Islamic states followed suit and its stock prices at NY began to drop. Soon share holders may start complaining specially knowing that other Hollywood companies who cooperated with the Arab league and their local Arabic and Islamic community are reaping the benefit of a market of 300 million consumers. Both sides will work together to eradicate stereotypes and work on to eliminated the anti Muslim bias in the American and western media.
Sadly the leaders of the Arab and Islamic world are only serving their own interest but Inshallah it will not last for long.
Nasser Abdo
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If I were a girl!
“If you were a girl, what would you do?” a question has been asked by one of my intimate friends from Germany. At first I was astonished to hear this question directed to me. Then, I tried to answer it, but I was moving about from one point to another without giving a peremptory answer. Here, I will attempt to answer this puzzling question. I say if I were a girl I like any girl in Yemen living under the repression of Yemen’s customs and traditions that are still ruling and governing us, I would be prone to scandalmongers to tell rumors against me and I would be afraid for my reputation being soiled because this threatens my future.
As a girl belonging to this country, I would never be allowed to go out in the evenings alone and without permission. I would never be able to make any relationship with the other sex. Moreover, I could not talk to anyone I don’t know. Also, I would never be allowed to go to the public places such as cafeterias, coffees, clubs or something like that. In short, I would absolutely lose the trust of my own closest relatives. Rather, I would be a paltry creature neither more nor less as one said. Any way, this is not my viewpoint at all.
In general, I can say that the rights of females here in Yemen are less conspicuous in comparison to those of the males. I would enjoy less freedom than what they do. I would be forced to clean, wash, wrap and sweep. Yet, I would have my own dreams, but not any dreams. I would never be over ambitious or else I would be a daydreamer. Because this is sometimes not allowed, either. I might face some problems and obstacles which obstruct me. So, I might dream of enough education. As a girl I might dream of building a new family in future, of living a happy marital life.
Is this right, I wish I wouldn’t raise any question marks!
Mohammed Ghanem

Dear Editor,
Let me first express my admiration for the excellent magazine. Every week, this newspaper gives us happy surprises. It is obvious that this newspaper reinforces that Yemen has many creative talents. There are many innate talents all over Yemen whatever the positions they are holding.
I’m so happy at the corner; “Improve your English” as it is very important for all of us to learn English.
Also, I would like to say that I am very much interested in your series ‘Story of Nadia Muhsin, and that made me think to write to you to ask about publishing short stories in a series to make the readers more interested in reading the newspaper.
Zaid Mohd Kassem Al-Madhagy
Dear Zaid,
Thank you for your encouragement and interest for YT. YT is open for all kinds of stories. We appreciate your cooperation with YT. ÑEditor.
To whom Yemen Belongs?
Yemen is one of the oldest countries in the world, whose history goes back to thousands years in the past. It inherited a great and valuable treasure of ancient ruins and antiquities which are scattered in the different regions of the country.
This old remains, if it does indicate something, it indicates the ancient civilization that the ancient Yemenis could create throughout centuries.
But, regrettably, Yemen seems to surrender its civilization slowly at a time when some countries unleash their efforts to collect evidence from the past, even if it is not their own about their antiquities. A visitor to the historical and touristic places in Yemen even if he is not a Yemeni would feel deep sorrow for the blotted out beautiful ruins which are thus allowed to die out. Those beautiful monuments are about to die out. In spite of all, the responsible authorities keep silent, as if this does not concern them, or as if these remains belong to our enemies.
If we thus leave this valuable, treasure trove, allow it to our wipe out and expunge, what shall we say to the new generation when they realize that the extant memory of their grand fathers in the past have been left to die out?
Yahya Abdullah Saeed, – Saada
Yemen in the eyes of Hollywood
A key scene in America’s current No. 1 box office hit, “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT,” shows an angry mob outside the US Embassy in Yemen. Us Marines scamper on the roof. One falls dead.
In the instant before a Marine colonel, played by Samuel L. Jackson, orders his men to fire into the crowd, he looks at the mob and sees Yemenite women and boys and girls firing rifles at them.
As the scene unfolded in a Washington movie theater, Yemen’s ambassador to the United States, Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri, cringed.
“A little girl shooting at Marines! Can you believe it?” Al-Hajjri said, “This movie reaches millions of people. It’s a total ruin for us. It ruins our image. Why Yemen? Even if we launch a public campaign, how do you fight Hollywood?”
The movie (Rule of engagement) can make a big impact on the eyes of the American Public. 95% of American Public are brained washed and refilled by Hollywood Drama/fictions anti Arab campaigns. I was in the Movie Theater when “Rules of Engagement” came out; I was very surprised at the audience and the cheering they gave actor Samuel L Jackson when e won the case in court, after he was prosecuted of killing innocent women and children in Yemen. Everyone started clapping and cheering when the movie was over. From that moment I learned that Hollywood is making and changing the American Public views and believes.
Yemen was not recognized to most of the American Public, now the first appearance of Yemen to the America Public as a filthy, terrorists, camel jockeys, Arab Muslims who hate Americans to the fullest is accomplished by Hollywood.
Yemenis are the kindest people in the world. Yemen was scientifically studied and recognized in their famous generosity, kindness, caring, and friendly people. Is this is how Hollywood treat Yemen and Yemenis?
It’s obvious that Hollywood is trying to destroy the most respected image in the world “ISLAM” and stopping it from reaching the American Public. Which “Islam” is a religion that change the way we live, act, behave and treat each other’s as brothers and sisters. Islam is the number ‘ONE’ fastest growing religion in America and Hollywood is trying to stop it from reaching and changing so many Hollywood corrupted souls in America.
There is always a more intelligent punishment to Hollywood and Hollywood business. As Arabs and as Muslims we can punish Hollywood from associating, affiliating or doing any kind of business with Hollywood and its affiliates through out the Arab and Muslim World until Hollywood recognize and apologize to the Arab and Muslim World. Also, Hollywood will agree on future films that it will present the Arab world in a more mannered image, which it presents itself as a Jewish image.
sincere Yemeni/Muslim Brother,
Yasser Al-Gharazy
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