Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/22/Letters to the Editor]

May 29 2000

Dear Editor,
What happened in the Campus of Sana’a recently was a great shocking to me. Although I am a Somali person with a Dutch passport at the moment, I have lived and worked (as a teacher) in Yemen for more than five years.
During my days in Shahara (Al-Ahnuum), Dar-el-Heid (Sanhaan), and Al-Hawry (Hamdaan), we, teachers, were being treated as brothers and sisters in each of those communities. We used to eat with them and participate in their wedding feasts. We never felt that we were outsiders.
Oh my God, how can anyone (let alone the teachers) with the simplest fraction of morality and self-respect ever do such horrible things to the children of the same people who assumed us as brothers and sisters.
While wiping out my tears, let me say that such a hasty thing should not ever let to happen . Let me also try to impress the people of Yemen that there are always more good teachers than otherwise.
Awes Mohamed Abdullah
The Hague, The Netherlands

Dear Editor,
May I politely draw your attention to my repeated writing of letters to the Yemen Times? In fact the main purpose of writing to the paper has been only to get more practice and to widen my knowledge in composition as well as to test my proficiency in the English language. I should also proudly express my full acknowledgement to Yemen Times which has enlightened my mind and encouraged me to continue with self-expression in English. It was due to my constant reading of and steady adherence to Yemen Times that I could now read, write and compose letter, which I was unable to do in the past.
I vow and strongly decide not to give up my relation with the paper.
Abdul Majid Ahmed