Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/31/Letters to the Editor]

July 31 2000

Mr. President – we love you, but.. When we criticize the situation in Yemen and ask for correction , because we love our country and wish to see Yemen like the neighborhood, therefore, and we know that your excellency wish so.
What we noticed is many non Yemenis, who belong to terrorist Groups in the middle east are holding Yemeni passports, many of them were indulged in terrorist activities, murder, theft, smuggling, etc. When they were caught in the gulf region and Europe and America, they said they are Yemenis.
Because of that Yemenis facing trouble and harassment in many airports and as one senior police officer said it is your govt. Mistake to issue passports to such people.
Your excellency,
Jordan, Syria,, Egypt, even Somalia refused to issue passports to those persons.
It is said to be that there are more than 5000 non Yemenis are enjoying the Yemeni passports, although they were issued by late (YSP) but frequently renewed now against big amounts of money. Some of them entered USA and Canada alleging they ran from Yemen where they kill people in streets and applied for asylum being Yemenis, then again they leaked to the gulf region to operate with two passports.
Can we expect such sale, renewals of passports stop. A. Makloob
[email protected]
Dear Mr. Editor,
It is a pity for a Somali Moslem man whose name is ‘Mohamed Omer Hagi’ to convert into Christianity, because he is a refugee. I don’t know how Christianity convinced him over his Islam. Even if he is after (a little money), as I read in your article, converting into Christianity will not help him anymore; because 90% of society of the so-called Christian country are no more Christian. They are not satisfied with their Christianity. They are either converted into Moslems or having no religion to practice. Let me assure Mr. Mohamed Omer Hagi that I am one of the refugees who came to Europe. I live and work now in the Netherlands, and I am very proud of my Islam. A combination of ‘working hard’ and ‘having a true faith such as Islam’ will reach you your goals. Awes Mohamed Abdullah
The Hague, The Netherlands
Dear Editor,
I wish to respectfully express my distress over the sentence of death for Mohammed Omer Haji. To kill this man’s body does nothing to destroy his faith, or change the decision he made to convert. Rather than discouraging others from conversion, martyrdom of this kind usually has the opposite effect and increases the attraction of the bold act of conversion. It also does not speak well for Islam if in order to protect itself it needs to kill their members who convert. I humbly request that the sentence be reconsidered. Kevin Brennan
A Pest in The Land of Wisdom
Undoubtedly, the serial murderer of the College of Medicine has shocked our conservative society, criminologists and all humanities specialists. The crime registered a new record in type of the crime in Yemen.
What were the motivations? How it all happened? Who are standing behind it? What impact does it have on the Yemeni society? Such questions should be answered be specialists and people concerned.
I would like here to shed light on some points:
– Man is born with a set of contradictory feelings and compulsives.
– From an Islamic point of view, man is pure. He has duties to do towards his community in which he interacts with others. Thereafter, the case can not be handled in view of nationalism or political affiliation. The case as well as its dimensions should be carefully analyzed on the bases of knowledge and justice.
– The number of victims and the murderer’s ways to tempt them are not of concern to me here. But the way journalists tackled this issue and their intelligence showed in creating scenarios suggest that they are fishing in troubled waters. Those journalists should have been more objective and accurate.
– If its true that all the murderer’s qualifications are forged one should not be surprised at the news of his forged name.
– He proudly confessed to having committed the crimes as if he was a hero who has done a great feat.
– I think that readers will agree with me that Zainab’s mother deserves to be respected for her tireless efforts to find out the truth.
Developments of the case:
Some of the negative outcomes of the case are as follows:
* An ideological shock especially to those ill-minded.
* A crack in the infrastructure of the country and its social structure by spreading horror and anxiety.
* A direct campaign against Islam and its high values.
* Distraction of the educational structure and strengthening the negative views towards women’s education.
Other questions to think over:
– How the criminal found the suitable atmosphere to commit his crimes in such a sacred institution?
– What is the nature of the crime?
– Was it an individual’s whim or part of an organized racket?
– Where are we driven to? Dr. Mostafa Naj