Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/33/Letters to the Editor]

August 14 2000

Israel and Normalization
First of all, I would like to thank president Saleh who rejected the idea of accepting any Israeli tourists to enter Yemen unless he has an American Visa. This was declared in the last conference which was held in Sana’a. In fact, we all support our president in this step. But unfortunately, every now and then Yemen welcomes new groups of Yemeni Jews who left Yemen many decades ago for Israel. For example, a group came few weeks ago.
What I mean to say, my dear reader, is that we should not forget that Israel is our enemy forever. Israelis captured our land, Palestine and colonized it, they killed old men, ladies and kids. They also destroyed the majority of houses. So how can we normalize relations with them?!
Jews and Christians will never have mercy on Moslems unless we go in their path as Holy Qura’an stated. The conflict between us as Moslems and them, as Jews and Christians will go in till the day of judgment. Disgrace and humiliation for those who normalize relations with their enemies!
I call upon Arabs and Moslems all over the world to be brave and have trust in Allah who has promised us victory if we upheld his religion. We will defeat Israel one day if we truly abide by Islam and its rules.
Before I end, I would like also to call upon Arabs to listen to president Saleh’s demand of the Arab summit, so that we can tangibly achieve our Arab unity and solidarity.
Abdul Ghani Al-Mansoob