Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/35/Letters to the Editor]

August 28 2000

Constructive Criticism to our Government I would like to explain why I have chosen the word constructive in my article. I always remember what my dad used to tell me, while we were Emigrants Dont worry my children, you gain knowledge here. Study hard. Your country is waiting for you opening her two arms. You will be so and so. This advice of father is nowadays ringing in my mind whenever observing the racial discrimination and the inhumanity actions against half Yemenis, known as Mualladin, especially those from East Africa. But I never lose hope. Still is dads words ringing in my ears. I feel that the daydream, which non of our parents have realized, will someday come true, at least for the survival of life not to give up.
Many behaviors indicate a racial discrimination against us. For example:
– Mualladin are not allowed to join military or police academies, (I am not sure whether this is specified in the country constitution or not, but the selection criteria of the candidates is announced every time directly by saying The candidates must be of Yemeni Parents. Ironically, The so-called Mualladin are forced to perform the compulsory military service.
– Mualladin cannot nominate themselves or be nominated for parliamentary or local administrative elections. However, they are requested to vote.
– They are not given any chances for higher education scholarships or short courses even if they deserve them. Priority is given for Abawayein Yamaniyein.
– Obtaining legal documents: ID card, passport, driving licenses, business licenses etc. needs more economic, physical and financial sacrifices.
– Rejecting unofficially the demand of forming Yemeni Emigrants Children Welfare Association.
– There is a discrimination in wages both in public and private firms, although they deserve.
– Before court they are not considered as others.
– When renting houses or any thing else, they are considered as foreigners and are demanded to meet unfair conditions. These are a few of many other behaviors.
In an interview with a foreign newspaper Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Iryani said in response to a question about Mualladin: Those who were born outside from different mothers are from our blood and flesh. They are among the most educated part of the nation. They are not less than a million and half of them helping develop the country. They are the main manpower source for our nation.
Oh!!!! amazed, surprised, pleased, proud I felt when I encountered such words. I rushed with the newspaper to my friends to show them the good news. But my happiness did not last long. A sentence from a friend nipped it in the bud. What do you expect from a man in such a position to say, he said. He must say that, otherwise………., he added. Time has passed and I have realized the truth. My friend was right. They were false promises.
To conclude, the number mentioned by the PM can not be ignored and it is increasing. There should be a change starting from the top, so the rest can show changes gradually. If a father shows – makes discrimination between his children, superiority and inferiority will be created among them. It will also create a kind of isolation among them causing one to look at another in devil eyes.
I hope that someday I will see one Yemen, united people and one strong nation without any sense of discrimination.
Mohammed Shatubi