Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/38/Letters to the Editor]

September 18 2000

Dear Editor,
I feel proud to pen you this letter expressing my interest in your great newspaper. My name is Abdo Ali Obeid Al-Ssamei, student at Faculty of Education, Aden University. Actually, since the time I started reading Yemen Times my English has started getting better remarkably.
The unpleasant thing to me is that since I started reading Yemen Times I have never read any article written by a teacher or a student from Aden University. So I write this letter accompanied with a poem. Hope it will be published.
All my love.
Abdo Ali

Fair Doom
When she is happy
Comes blushing
Knocks on the door,
Enters and sits in quietness,
With her tongue in her cheek
No words she speaks but a smile tells all
Her face radiates as sun rays
Little request about to sit longer
But no. She relents
Her bowed head suddenly moves
A deep breath heard
She takes steps forward
Nearer to me she moves
Throws her body
To rest on mine.
Abdo Ali Obeid
Faclty of Education, Aden
Pupil: Teacher, why did you beat me by a stick?
Teacher: I beat you because I love you.
Pupil: I love you too, but I cant express about my love in a similar way.
Nabil Abd. M. Al-Kumaim