Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/49/Letters to the Editor]

December 4 2000

Fighting terrorism
Dear Sir,
This is with reference to the news item about the agreement between Sana’a and Washington regarding fighting terrorism collectively. I feel that it is the need of the hour because terrorism is the big threat of this era which spoils the society, country, economy and development. Terrorism should be fought by everybody by all means. This is not a national problem but an international one which all the countries should look into. Hope we can see a peaceful earth in the near future.
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Bureaucracy in Yemen
Dear Editor,
I was born in Yemen but raised in the US. I would like to inform you on a situation my friend is dealing with. He works in the US and is trying to strengthen Yemen by investing in Yemen. He is investing by building complexes which gives people jobs and others a place to live. He has all the legal papers which give him the right to build his complex. He is a hard worker who works long hours everyday. Even though he has the papers, people still are giving him a hard time. For example: When he first bought the piece of land it was 17 casabats. The government wanted to build a road. So they took 7 of his casabats leaving him with 10 casabats. The 7 that were taken were taken with out permission and were not paid for. Now they are trying to charge him money for the street in front of his yard which was the land they took from him. First take his land then on top of that charge him for the street that’s going to be, as if not enough was taken. There are always people coming over to try to stop him from building but what they really want is money. Give them something and they will go away. My question to you is How can people expect others to invest in Yemen, if these are only some of the problems they have to face?
A reader
I would like the people to know that not all Americans are buying into what the U.S. Government is saying about the U.S.S. Cole. In fact, I am finishing a motion picture screenplay which tells a story about how I believe the U.S. Military was itself involved in the bombing of the Cole. For anyone who is interested, I will be posting the script on my web page at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Interview/1480
Gregory Long
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The Dorset Truth leader
Dear Editor,
While it is sad that the sailors of the USS Cole died, they are poor pawns paying with their lives for the U.S. support of the illegal Israeli armed conquests of Palestinian lands, abuse of the people and unilateral annexation along with torture, expulsions, detention and denial of rights of return. These activities supported by the U.S. Government violate all the laws after WW-2 designed so that no man, group, entity or nation could ever do again what Hitler did.
To me, who believes that “Law and its equal abidance to by all is the only thing that lifts mankind off the floor of the jungle and off the luncheon menu of the jungle animals”, it seems incomprehensible that Yemen along with all the other Islamic nations and are not banding together as a political force to see that the U.S. ceases its support of Israel until Israel abides by all the laws – including Iraq – are compelled to.
There can be no law – only revolt, assassinations,murders, anarchy and instability when one nation is allowed to disregard law which is the basis of civilization.
Of course, Yemen cannot tolerate law breaking, but Yemen and President Ali Abdullah Saleh must live within the climate caused by Israeli intransigence
and instability. Therefore, it seems the President and all Yemeni institutions and people would be demanding support for the law and the Palestinians
rights under the law.
It is a war for independence just like the Jews did to gain a free land and just as the Americans did in 1776 to gain freedom from the British.
When we destroyed Hitler, we did so for the rule of law which applies to all but Israel and the U.S. along with Britain disobeyed it.
Therefore, we feel that Yemen should not side with the Hitlerian lawbreakers but with those seeking their denied gifts from God of Life, Liberty, Justice and equality.
And it seems that the President should not be cooperating with the U.S. investigation until the U.S. also abides by the laws and subdues Israel by legal and fair means.
The bombing of the Cole was a military action and those involved are not criminals but are freedom fighters who should not be punished as criminals but as prisoners of war, if caught alone by the U.S. but without aid from Yemen.Is money – 5 million dollars blood money what the Yemenis will take to betray Islam and principle and human rights? Please respond. Sincerely,
John W. Willmott,
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Beach, FL 33401
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