Letters to the Editor [Archives:2000/50/Letters to the Editor]

December 11 2000

I am Abdul Ghani Al-Mansoub from Ibb. I congratulate you on the occasion of the advent of Ramadhan and many happy returns. I am a regular reader of your great newspaper. I have corresponded to you more than five times. Fortunately, two of my articles were published. But two months ago I sent you a poem and an article. They are well typed and revised but none have been published. To publish my articles is to help me go ahead. I am a university student. I like correspondence because I want to develop my English. I like the Yemen Times for it teaches me.
DELAYING publishing some contributions does not mean ignoring them. Follow up next issues you may come across your articles. Editor
I always read the Yemen Times which includes so much variety. but there is something missing and that is sports news which is more read by youths.
Adil Ahmad Awdah
Sheraton Sanaa Hotel
[email protected]
AS we are celebrating the auspicious holy month of Ramadhan, I hereby wish you and your families many happy returns and may Allah bestow on you all His blessings. This is the month when the Holy Koran was revealed to us (human beings) through the prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. And so, it is the month of forgiveness, month of reaching out to those whom you might or might not have wronged! It is the month of reconciliation, the month of healing. It is the month when you ask Allah for anything and He makes your hopes come true. So, here I go and ask Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings and bless us.
Many Happy Returns
Abdulkhalig Mbarak Al-Jabry
Nabors Rig-1
Ramadhan Kareem to Everybody
IT is difficult to transfer our good feelings, especially on the happy occasions such as in Ramadhan to all people. But I think I can do so by writing on a popular paper that can be read by so many people.
I have chosen the Yemen Times to convey my congratulations to its staff, my family, teachers, classmates and all Yemeni and Arab people.
I feel that my felicitations have been received by so many people.
Many Happy Returns
Fahmia Taha Ahmad Al-Fotih
Eng. Dept.
Sanaa university
IN the Name of Allah.
What a sad day this is. We, as Yemenites are really READY to see our sisters, wives, mothers, daughters and other female relatives work as police officers. What a sad day, have we lost our famous Yemeni Gheerah? Are we ready to follow the west in their interpretation of equality and role sharing? Are we ready to give up our religion? Are we ready to join the world in what they think is progress? Instead of following the good in other nations we take that which contradicts Islam. Oh, the great Yemeni people wake up before it is too late. Wake up and do not give up your Deen. We are Muslims. The best of nations, only if we follow our deen. We possess a certain special wisdom from Allah. We are the origin of pure Arabs. We have much work to do in the improving of our land, but this move to allow our women, our blood, our most respected group, our sisters to work as police officers is a move in the wrong direction. Do not forget, oh Yemeni people.
WITH reference to your news report published in issue No 37, on 11 Sept. 2000 and in issue No 45 on 6 Nov. 2000 regarding the pending cases of so many people who were sent to prison by a Judge called Abduljabar al-Kharasani. Some of these prisoners have spent imprisonment terms ranging from 7-9 years without looking into their cases.
We would like to inform you that Judge Kharasani has finally bowed to orders of Justice Minister and that of the Judiciary Inspection Authority and handed the cases to Judge Ameen Abdulhaq who have started looking into cases releasing some of the prisoners, including Aziz al-Jabali.
The prisoners highly appreciate your valuable efforts and congratulate you for such a successful journalist Mr. Tawfeek al-Sharaabi who works for you. Mr. Al-Sharaabi followed up the case, collected details and related evidences.
Yemen Times has been distinguished and well-known for its stand on public issues. It has been the source of all information. It is the bridge that connects Yemen to the outside world and vice versa. Therefore, it is worth going on with the same policy.
Finally, we wish you, personally, and your distinguished staff all the very best. hoping that you will go on adopting the peoples problems so as to improve the judiciary system in the country.
Thanks & Regards
Yours truly,
Dr. Fadl Al-Jabali.