Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/11/Letters to the Editor]

March 12 2001

Clean the Airport Toilets Please!!
I am a regular visitor to Yemen from Australia and I also bring small tourist groups to Yemen. Even though it is difficult at present to promote Yemen as a tourist destination, I believe in the longer term potential of Yemen as a unique tourist destination.
I understand that resources are limited within the country for promotion of tourism. However, sometimes it is small things that can make a big difference.
The state of the toilet facilities at the Sanaa International Airport creates such a bad impression for arriving and departing tourists.
The facilities are of a very low standard. They are poorly maintained and inadequately serviced. The smell is nauseating.
One of the criteria that many travelers apply in judging the level of sophistication of a country is the state of its plumbing.
How difficult would it be for the cleanliness of the toilet facilities at the airport to be achieved? Small quantities of disinfectant cleaning agents, deodorants and soap can make much of a difference.
The first and last impressions can be the most enduring of impressions. Who is responsible for attending to this issue, which affects tourists impressions of the country’s standards?
Mariam Hardwick
Response to “Crystals” Column
Dear sir, I read the article of “blue eyes and blond hair only allowed” and found that the article contains a little bit of criticism. After all, we should not forget that these are also families and have their own problems. We should let them solve them alone.
I think that writing an article insulting those families and generalizing international women as a whole to be bad, is a greater evil than what they are doing to their husbands. However it is not something new that we Yemenis like to insult the outside world. And that is not enough. In addition, we still continue to act against them in a bad way when they come as tourists to our country.
That is the opinion of the outside world, and instead of proving the opposite – we publish articles against them. I say this because I care about the opinion of Yemen Times. Here in the US many Americans have read this article. Please be more objective and constructive in your attitude and approach.
Osamah Alsaeede
[email protected]
Dear Osamah,
The viewpoint only reflects the opinion of the column writer. However, we did submit your opinion to the writer, Mr. Mohamed Kadri.-The Editor
Dear Editor,
I just wanted to say that I am an American female that reads your paper everyweek. The reason I do is that I work and live in a city that is 90% Yemeni and I like to keep up on things that go on. Today I read in your paper, an article entitled “Blonde hair and Blue eyes only”? This leaves me confused.
I work with these “Muslim” men everyday here in the United States and if that is the way they act and treat women, then I’m proud to be an American. If you don’t mind let me tell you a little story.
I have a boyfriend from Yemen. I have been in love with him and he with me for about 2 years. Because of his family and religion we could not let anyone know about it. Well, his brother found out and made him go back to Yemen just last month. I understand that religion is strong in your country and I was not raised that way, that is not my fault. I understand that most Yemenis are concerned about life the American way, that too is not my fault. This country could really use a lesson in life from the people of Yemen. There is a lot for everyone to learn but forbidding people who love each other from being happy is no life for anyone. I believe that the Quran says you shouldn’t judge another person. It is not your right. Only God has that right (I’m sorry if I bore you but nobody seems to be able to explain these things to me!!)
Another thing is that in the past two years that I have worked with these Yemen men/ Muslim men, they have offered money, gifts, or anything else to women including myself in exchange for sex. Some of the girls I work with have fallen for these rather handsome men and some have children by them that the men disown so that his wife back home wont find out, or his family. Some of the men admit to being married while others say they are not. Out of curiosity I have asked these men why they cheat on their wives and why they lie to their families. They answer that they are here for about 2-3 years before they see their wives again, or they want to be with someone that their family doesn’t approve of. I know that the women who are raising their kids back home and being faithful to the men would not approve of this and it bothers me that it happens. I do admit the majority of American women make the choice to have sex with these men, and it is not looked on as bad here because we as a society do not require our people to follow God or his beliefs. I just don’t understand why it is so bad that if these Yemen men want to marry in our country and they can find a woman who can be faithful and love him and take care of him, that it can’t be accepted by the people of Yemen?
The main reason I am writing is because I never read in your paper the real life events happening in the United States concerning Yemenis here that I would like to share a little about it with you. I do not intend harm against the people but would like to relay to you what really happens here and my opinion.
Mickeala E.
[email protected]

Ignorance not innocence
This is with reference to the recent act of the Afghanistan government officials and extremists of breaking the century old Buddha statue. They are not only shattering the hearts of the followers of Buddha and their faith and beliefs but also the hearts of all human beings on this earth who have sensible hearts.
Though they do this under the cover of Islam, Islam does not say, and no other religion does for that matter, that it’s followers should hurt others or their feelings. Islam is not a religion which says to kill others or their faiths. What these people do is against Islam and its teachings. This act is anti social, anti cultural, anti religious, anti historical and anti human.
I hope these people will realize what they are doing and will change their mind and turn towards the path of peace, prosperity, development and godly activities instead of doing such degrading activities of demolition and destruction.