Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/14/Letters to the Editor]

April 2 2001

Dear Editor,
I am a member of the Somali Benadir Community in New Zealand, our address is PO Box 9186, Wellington, New Zealand. I have links with the other members of the Benadir community around the world.
With reference to your article “Somali Benadir Refugees Complain” dated 11-March 12th through March 18th 2001, Vol X1
I am very interested in contacting Mr Abucar Said Abubaker, the leader of the Benadir Community in Yemen.
I would be grateful if you would forward his address or email.
Thank you for the publication and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Mohamed Abati
Dear Editor,
I read your paper with great interest and I would like to convey my regards to all my Yemeni brothers and sisters. I lived in Jizan in 1995, and was working for the Ministry of Irrigation in the valley of Sabya and Aldamad. I still remember the beauty of Fyfa Mountain, the flower clad Yemeni people and their typical Jambeyas. At the time when I was living in Alaydabi, I used to watch Yemeni Television after work and the reception quality was superb.
Syed Faiz Ahmad
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
First of all, I would like to thank the Editor of Yemen Times for the coverage and news items. Second, I am a Somali who reads your esteemed newspaper every week in order to be aware of the problems of many of the Somalis living in Yemen, I would like to add to what is happening to the Somalis living here in Yemen.
With my best wishes,
C/Aani Ahmed Jabane
Dear Aani,
We will be glad to receive any updates or articles from the Somali community in Yemen. Please continue following up the news about Yemen in the Yemen Times.-Editor
Dear Editor,
This past summer I was in Yemen visiting my family. I have been away from Yemen for ten years. However, it is a matter of great sadness, that while the world is moving forward, Yemen is standing still in time. I lived in ‘Bier Obaid’ and what I observed broke my heart. The raw sewer, the garbage, the dead animals are beyond one’s conception. I just wonder who is responsible for such a mess. Do they get ashamed if visitors come to Yemen and see how Yemenis live? Also do people know that the water they are drinking and the raw sewer are combined?
Mosad Almontaser
Dear Editor,
I discovered your site (www.yementimes.com) and found it to be very interesting; I hope it is available for a long time to come. It aids me in educating myself about your country and the Arab World in general. I am an American, living in Baton Rouge, La. My father is employed in Saudi Arabia, and lives and works near Jeddah. I found your commentary on the actions of the Taliban militia in Afghanistan to be particularly refreshing. They have inflicted needless suffering on their people, who already have withstood much since 1979. The mistreatment of women and the recent destruction of ancient statues is symbolic of a group of people who desire to inflict Puritanism, as it was called in this country, upon all the people. I have respect for Islam, and would like to study it, but frankly don’t know where to begin because there are so many factions and interpreters of Islam. If you would have any opinion on my comments I would welcome them. Thank you for this service and I will be a regular visitor.
Joseph Michael Henry
[email protected]
Welcome Investors
It is well-known all over the world that investment and security are like a glove on a hand; no investment, business, wealth and prosperity can be achieved in any country unless it is well-secured. On 26/3/2001, a Saudi investor and I were having lunch in a restaurant in Gamal Street, Taiz. Having finished our business lunch, the Saudi merchant, his mate and I went to the car without even a thought that our kind thieves had already opened his car and stole a bag containing gold clothes, cards… etc. What is worse is that when we informed the Criminal Investigation Department about the incident, the investor was really astonished by the scene. Just wait, said an officer, as the concerned officer who will investigate into the matter went out to buy qat. To rush the matter, we requested him to take the fingerprints from the car. In response, the Officer directed me to search for the other officer who might be chewing qat in any number of shops beside the Criminal Investigation Department. If a single hope was there, this situation and the bad reaction by the police had made them lose all hopes and patience, and consequently, they requested to leave country. Considering their visit to Yemen and thinking of investment this is a lesson which they will never ever forget. At last came an officer whom I know well. The friendly relation between the Officer and me just rushed the matter towards investigations and action. But, this was too late as the thief, I believed, had already left the town by all that time.
Gameel Qassem Al-Mohayam