Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/16/Letters to the Editor]

April 16 2001

Arab Summit Between Reality and Wishful Thinking
There is always a great gap between reality and wishes. We wish something but reality faces us with something else. This is what really happened in the recent Arab Summit held in Amman late last month. All of us in the Arab world were optimistic that the summit would at least end the Iraqi-Kuwaiti dispute. This is what we expected. We didn’t expect the summit to put an end to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis because all the previous summits and meetings were in vain. A longstanding tension between two different nations needs a long time to be settled.
The Arab Summit proved that the span of a decade was not enough to forget enmity and hatred, in spite of all the suffering of the Iraqi children and the issue of the Kuwaiti prisoners. The leaders at the Summit failed to reset the relations between the two neighboring people, which was the major failure of the Summit. However, we still consider it a success, that this file is opened publicly and that those who attempted reconciliation were not considered enemies or traitors from the Gulf people’s point of view. I mean that all the participants were convinced that there should be no more tension, hatred and enmity, for both the Iraqis as well as the Kuwaitis have the right to live in peace and security. I support what our President Ali Abdullah Saleh said at the Summit that long and highly elegant speeches are not always fruitful. On the contrary they could sometimes cause losing the main issue amid exaggerations and the flourish of language. We can talk briefly and in a straight forward language, but do so many things. We could rather express ourselves in short speeches if we are sincere to our objective. The real yardstick here is loyalty.
Finally, I hope that the coming Summit in Lebanon will be influential and fruitful. We hope we can overcome our shortcomings and differences that display our weakness in front of our enemy.
Arwa Mansour
Dear Editor,
First of all I wish to thank you about the Yemen Times. And Ihope to have these words published because it is the first time Iam writing.
Ilove the newspaper “Yemen Times”, because it publishes a lot of subjects about our life, I hope the Yemen Times will be the No. 1 newspaper in Yemen and Arab world in the future.
Yasser Ahmed Khamis
Dear Editor,
My name is Tawfeeq Abdullah Abdulmanssari. I am a Yemeni national living in Yemen since I was child. I was born and raised in Shar’aab Al-Rawnah in the Taiz Province. I have been reading the Yemen Times for about three consecutive years, and I admire it much, for it is a distinguished English Yemeni newspaper. It is considered to be one of the best and most important English newspaper.
My dear Mr. Editor in Chief Dr. Waleed al-Saqqaf, I am writing this letter to you to say: keep going on the same path your father has showed. You are still going on strong despite the great loss of its founder Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf (may his soul rest in peace)
I am out of touch with the Yemen Times because I am now in Saudi Arabia. But, how can I have it back? Why don’t you send it to all Arabs countries. I am in dire need of this newspaper I am fond of.
Please tell how I can contact you to get it here in Saudi Arabia.
I will give my address here.
Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
Awguf AC. Basha
Tel 6432252 6421106
PO BOX 20898, Jeddah
Fax: 6421156

Dear Editor,
To the lost peoples in the Yemen Republic: How many years do we need to wait till we get to the top of the world? My families are in the 4th generations and we are still lost. We really need help from people who have ideas about how to help Yemen. We really need to work more than we do now for the people of Yemen. If I had the power, I would employ new people in offices to do the right things for the country. From the police to the president, we are all lost.