Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/23/Letters to the Editor]

June 4 2001

Unity: A Big Achievement to Boast of
Unity is the realization of Yemenis’ dreams and hopes which they have been cherishing during the three centuries of struggle and loss of identity. It is the culmination of strong determination and strength to restore the past civilization and its glory.
22 May 1990 marks a turning point in the history of modern Yemen. It was on this day when Yemenis realized the sublime objectives of the two revolutions of September and October to build the modern unified Yemen. Democracy is the cornerstone of the modern Yemen. It’s true that it is still in its infancy. However, the more we practice it, the more achievements we will make. The unity has come as the fruit of sacrifice of Yemenis lives to demonstrate to the world that we would never be apart. It was the long awaited dream that has come true.
Abdulnaser al-Usfi,
Saoot al-Jame’ah newspaper, Taiz
Rejoinder to
“Miserable Conditions of Children in Yemen”
I would like to commend you on the concise, constructive and thoughtful article of 5/22/01 titled “Miserable Conditions of Children in Yemen”. It struck a sensitive nerve with me because I was one of those children you described. The causes for children’s plight are many, but the main cause is a lack of education on the part of the parents. I believe that education, at least through secondary school, should be mandatory for every child, males and females, because these will be the fathers and mothers of the new generation. Marriage of children should be outlawed. Population control must be encouraged through aggressive education programs. Parents who find it necessary to have their children work in order to live, should receive some welfare assistance. Begging in the streets should be outlawed. It is demeaning to the individual and to the nation. It is true, that Yemen is a poor country, and its resources are limited, but by setting priorities, and developing programs to meet those priorities, this major problem can be solved within a generation. Like anything else, after education gains momentum, it will move on its own power. Illiteracy, hunger and disease are the 3 enemies of democracy, of independence and of a nation.
Rashid A. Abdu, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Emeritus: Director of Surgical Education
St. Elizabeth Health Center,
Professor of Surgery,
Notheastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Dear Editor,
I spent almost 3 months in Yemen from January to April, studying Arabic at Cales with Carl the student that has been kidnapped.
I am also a journalist in Iceland and sent several articles from Sana’a while in Yemen.
Please inform me on the latest development on Carl as soon as possible. He is a dear friend of everybody that was with him at Cales and I am shocked to hear the news. I had planned to take a group of tourists to Yemen in Autumn. That will be difficult now to assure people here that Yemen is safe. Thanks in advance for your cooperation
Johanna Kristjonsdottir
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I would like to ask why there is not much news about the Aden Free Zone in your newspaper. I would also like to recommend having sports news as well. Do you hate sports or what?
Mohammed Al-Hakimi
Email: [email protected]
Dear Mohamed,
We don’t hate sports, and we do cover the news about the Aden Free Zone from time to time. Please believe that we will work on providing sports news in the near future and will also focus on the AFZ more thoroughly.
-The Editor
Muslim Girls Should be Sent to Yemen
I am writing you this letter to inform you of the way young Muslim girls are being raised in the United States. Many respectable young females that come from Yemen, Egypt, Palestine and other Islamic country come to America and mix with the bad crowd which convince them to go against Islam and commit many sins. I believe if Arab parents do not have enough time for their daughters here in America they should send them back to their homeland. Even though they might miss their daughters. They will be doing more good then harm to their daughters. I think raising a Muslim girl in American is a big mistake because even though parents want to trust their daughters sometimes it’s better safe then sorry.
Ghassan Amin Ahmed Alsaidi
[email protected]