Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/24/Letters to the Editor]

June 11 2001

Why Chew Qat? I would like to tell this to all Yemenis. Qat has been one of the major problems for all Yemenis. It is bad for your health. It is a drug. It is like hashish and marijuana. I am 21 years old. I havent chewed Qat in my life. I have been to Yemen 3 times. The thing I hated about Yemen was the people who chew qat, because they wasted their time chewing it though they have better things to do. Why are they doing this to themselves? Why are they wasting their time? What they are doing is really embarrassing. Their children are begging in the street while they are chewing Qat. The President should pass a law to ban chewing Qat. I even know people that sell this drug here in America. This is a piece of advice to all Yemenis to stop chewing Qat, because it causes mouth cancer and many other diseases. Muammer Yehia Fatteh
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Rejoinder to: The Jewish Influence Over the Mass Media… I am shocked and appalled that a newspaper which claims that making Yemen a good world citizen would publish an article like The Jewish Influence Over the Mass Media and the International Institutions.
Besides being ridiculously inaccurate (you dont even SPELL the names of American presidents correctly) this editorial is also hateful and blasphemous. Particularly in lieu of the rich and varied Jewish tradition in Yemen, and the centuries of discrimination and persecution suffered by Jews there, your newspaper disgraces both itself and your national heritage by giving a forum to Fahmy Almamarys outrageous claims. Some day the Yemenis will recognize that they are a crude, backward, and ignorant people, segregated from even other Arabs, precisely because of misbegotten attitudes towards cultures different from theirs. On that day voices like Almamarys will be silenced. Scott Gross
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Dear Scott,
Thank you for your letter. However, articles published in the opinion page, as printed in the hard copy of the newspaper, do not necessarily reflect the view point of Yemen Times unless stated otherwise. Your letter will be redirected to the writer, Fahmy Almamary, and he has the right to respond to your letter in an atmosphere of freedom of expression. -The Editor
Fighting Corruption
I have been hearing this slogan for the last ten years. It sounds that the corrupted are invisible as the government actions indicate.
If the government is serious enough to recognize the corrupted people, here is the shortcut:
Who are the top 10 vendors of the ministries, major oil companies, and who is behind the dummy company operating under the name of the Mafia group of Yemen. From there, I bet, you will find the top ten companies in all the ministries and the major companies are almost the same but changing position from 1 to 10 depending on their standing.
There is no room left for the rest of the Yemenis unless they join the group and pay protection and influencing fees for the Mafia heads.
It is a pity that those people are invisible for the people carrying up the slogan of the war against corruption. Muhamed Abu-ali
Saudi Arabia
Dear Editor,
I am a 16-year old girl. What I am about to say has nothing to do with the newspaper, but I dont know whom to turn to. I am wondering how you men out there can be so brainwashed that you think that women are the weaker sex? What if things were the other way around, and you men would be working all day long in the field, and the women would control Yemen? Would you like that? I know that your religion has a lot to do with this, and Im not saying that every man in Yemen is discriminating women, but remember that you wouldnt survive one second without them. Ms. Ingrid
Dear Editor,
Im very happy to read your splendid newsmagazine. Yemen Times is interesting, very important for your beautiful country. I would also like to say that Yemens political attitude is a very good example for all countries in the Middle East and in the Arab world. Yemens contribution for peace and cooperation in the region is very important. Your country is a country of freedom, culture and peace. Tommaso Debenedetti
Rome, Italy
Dear Editor,
My name is Mariam and I am a Swedish Muslim. I am searching for a good friend of mine named Riyadh Salem Abad, I think he now lives in Sanaa since he has returned to Yemen from Sweden. We used to be neighbors and he taught me a lot about Islam. He knew me by my Christian name Lena and always said I was his sister. What I want to know is if you can help me find him so I can tell him about what has happened in my life and so on. I thank you all in advance. Wa aleikom salam Mariam Gueblia
[email protected]
Dear Mariam,
I am glad that you have become a Muslim. The best we could do is publishing your letter with the hope that he would read it and send you an e-mail. Wishing you all the best. -The Editor