Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/25/Letters to the Editor]

June 18 2001

Dear Editor,
The story of Al-Zaidi is an issue that belongs to every Yemeni who has been surviving the illegal and the unethical acts of the unwise and unprofessional officials and employees in the whole security system.
I urge you to use the story of Al-Zaidi as an example to prove that the security system is not legally functioning and a change must be made to protect the rights of the Yemeni citizens. Please do not stop at the point where Al-Zaidi will be released. This story is not limited to the release of Al-Zaidi. In fact, its limit is the end of non-professionalism in the Yemeni security system.
Ahmed Alhussaini
A student in California, U.S.A
[email protected]

Dear Editor
I have finished reading the book “Vendues”, dealing with the story of Nadia Muhsen and her sister sold by her father. Nineteen years after this act, Nadia is still in Yemen against her will. What type of country do you have, and have intentions to build?
I ask the people of Yemen to think, that the rest of the world is watching. And for once in your life use your influence and publish an interview with Nadia Muhsen. Can’t Christians and Moslems live together?
As a Christian I will pray for Nadia until she gets out of Yemen. There are things I can’t understand in your culture/religion such as I can’t marry a Muslim woman, Why?
Where will your intolerance with other religions take you? Perhaps to a third world war. Look at what is happening in the world: In the Middle East: the Jews against the Muslims, in Macedonia, Serbia, Sudan, Philippines Christians war against Muslims.
José Cardoso
Dear José,
Thank you for your letter. I respect your opinion but would like to refer you to an interview we already made with Nadia Muhsin in issue no 5 of 2000. Go to http://yementimes.com/00/iss05/front.htm to read it. As for Islam, it has always been a tolerant religion, it is only Muslims who sometimes misrepresent it.
Life is Expensive in the USA too
I would like to make a few comments. First I am an American woman married to a Yemeni. He works hard 7 days a week 16 hours a day. Why? Because his family in Yemen only knows how to call and say “send $3,000” or “we have to make a party, send money!! These men are making themselves sick working so much for nothing.
These men go home to get married, stay a few months, leave their wives to come back to the USA and start all over. Yes there is money to be made here but it is also expensive to live here, so come on and give these men a break! There is money to be made in the USA, but the people need to know that it can be pretty expensive to live here too!
Michelle Aldaeri
[email protected]