Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/26/Letters to the Editor]

June 25 2001

Tracing our Family Roots
We are two Brits of Yemeni origin living in the UK. Our father’s name was Ali-El Hag Attick, from SULAWI. He served in the British Merchant Navy from the 30s till he retired in the 70s. He returned home to Yemen. What we know is that he remarried and had another family. If you can please help us in our quest to trace our family roots in Yemen, my brother and I would be very grateful to all at the Yemen times. Awaiting your email reply. We will travel to Yemen if we can trace our long lost family there. We will arrange to visit your offices and meet all of your staff at the Yemen times and tell you of our story.
Ali-el Attick & Ali Gray Attick
[email protected]
Dear Atticks,
The best we could do in your case is publish your letter hoping that your father or one of your family members would notice it and refer to you by email. Good luck to you all.-Editor
Dear Sir,
I am writing to you about HAMMOUD MURSHID HASSAN AHMED.
He is running the risk of execution after a trial which may not have met with international standards.
His latest trial was to take place on April 25 but now we have learnt that it has been postponed till June 6, 2001.
We are some groups working for Amnesty International who are worried about his trial and safety.
A fair trial should include such norms as:
– the right to be able to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
– the right to be able to present a legal defense.
– the right to be informed of the charges.
– the right to have access to a lawyer.
— the right to be present at his own trial.
– the right not to be compelled to testify against him or to confess guilt.
– the right to be tried before an independent and impartial tribunal.
As a member of Amnesty International I am against death penalty in all cases as the most inhuman of all penalties due to the fact that human being are the judges and that every error is irrevocable. Therefore I urge your paper and the Yemeni people to work for any recognizable criminal offense.
Yours Sincerely
Britta Ahman for group 9
Sweden of Amnesty International
Just an opinion
On behalf of my colleagues I present all thanks and regard to Yemen Times and its staff for their sustained care for the students of Faculty of languages and in particular the English department. The mission of YT is loftier than gaining merely money. YT has proved with the passing of days that its main aim is dissemination of knowledge and truth. Besides, it aims at increasing the understanding of English language among the students. We the English students, in return, appreciate this.
But there is an opinion. Why does YT not arrange competitions in writing essays, short stories and poems between the students of faculties of education under the supervision of universities Doctors who have an experience in this field? Moreover, arranging seminars participated by the students would give them a chance to develop their spoken and thinking at the same time?
I think these things besides the facilities that YT has given to English students especially to the students of faculty of language will increase their proficiency in English language greatly.
Finally, I want to thank Mr. Walid for giving me a chance to express my feelings and opinions.
Mohammed M. Al-Malahi