Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/28/Letters to the Editor]

July 9 2001

The loss of a Great man and a Brave leader
ALAS! We heard of the death of Major General Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, the President’s eldest brother. We (military staff and civilians) are all very sad because he was an honorable commander and an excellent example for all military commanders. This unique leader was truthful and loyal. He spent most of his life in serving his home with honesty. Most of the military staff considered him as a father and an eldest brother. Why? Because he used to give a hand to anyone in need. He occupied a number of important military posts in the Yemeni Government. We suddenly lost this distinguished leader, which is a loss for the whole country. However, his good deeds and name will continue to be carved in our memory. We consider him as one of the martyrs. We will always remember him. In fact, our home needs figures as Mohammed Abdullah Saleh. Therefore, all military persons should be like him in serving our beloved home, Yemen.
Finally, we pray to God to bless him and rest his soul in Heaven.
Also we send our condolences to President Ali Abdullh Saleh, and the family and relatives of Mohammed Abdullah Saleh.
Captain Ali Almaweri
Ministry of Defense

Dear Editor,
I am a Yemeni student currently studying in India. I like Yemen Times. So dear sirs, please send me the hottest news from Yemen frequently, and especially about Naseem Hamed because I am far from the news about my country and you knew most of news paper here in India report on international news. They do not at all cover Yemen because it is somewhat far away from here.
Abdulsalam A.
[email protected]

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank you very much for the great efforts you have making to improve Yemen Times newspaper and make it published on the Internet. You cannot imagine how lovely it is to read the update news about our own country. This is useful especially from a country like the UK, where you are absolutely isolated from news about Yemen unless you install a satellite dish or go to London to buy an Arabic newspaper which is not good for students who want to study English.
Thank you very much again for the facilities you provide on your website such as the post cards…etc. I hope you will carry on the same way.
Hamed Alqawbari
[email protected]

Views on Yemen from Denmark
I just saw a Danish documentary on our TV. A Yemeni man, Fathi al-Udhari, was interviewed and he told about his life. I know that people have different habits, but what really surprised me was that he said he couldn’t invite foreigners inside his house, because it was not recommended in Yemen.
Another thing, which I knew, but which always continues to astonish us Europeans is arranged marriages.
The use of Qat was something unusual to us. We’ve heard about it and it’s banned here. I noticed with interest that there are even Yemeni people who disapprove of it.
Documentaries of this type, showing everyday life in countries we can seldom visit, are most welcome.
I’ve added your paper to my list of favorites, and I am sure I will read your pages again. Particularly since you seem to have some honest views!
Juha Hintikka
[email protected]

Dear Editor,
I would like to suggest you have pictures in addition to the written news on your website.
On the other hand, I’d like also to suggest you to have a special site for famous Yemeni songs.
Abdulkader Alhebshi
[email protected]

Dear Abdulkader,
We usually add the photographs a few hours after the text for technical reasons. Be sure that we will take your suggestions into consideration.
– Editor