Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/32/Letters to the Editor]

August 6 2001

Dear Editor,
We are the students and former students of the English Department of the Faculty of Education, Mahweet. We would like to express our great respect and gratitude to your generous person and to your distinguished newspaper for the continuing efforts you exert in promoting the level of competence in the English language. We also appreciate your special care in discovering the talents that students might have.
Because of your paper, students in Mahweet have begun to feel confident and send you some of their writings that you have generously accepted. This encouraged many others to follow suit and get more copies of the YT to read. As Dr. Sahu is in touch with you, in his classes, he always sets your speech about your deeds was enough to persuade us of the fact.
A few days ago, the department of English in our faculty held a celebration honoring the active and prominent students in the section. We felt a great loss at not finding you there. We think of you as a member in the department or at least felt so. Specially after we knew that your organization had generously printed the certificates of the Inter-college competitions of the last year and other things that would never be forgotten. Whatever words are said, they would never suffice to express our gratitude for what you do.
Believe me, we are not flattering you, neither are we doing this to make you more favourable to our participations in in your paper. But they are feelings felt and translated into words to express our thanks and appreciation to you and to your paper that we wish you every success.
Khalid Ali Al-Quzahy