Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/35/Letters to the Editor]

August 27 2001

More Pictures Please
Yemen Times has been great in informing the public especially the Yemenis residing overseas and the ones living in exile on Yemen’s current events. It would be great as well if more pictures were available on Yemen Times Online. Congratulations on the job well done so far.
Hassan A.
Dear Hassan,
We would certainly take your suggestion into consideration and add more photos into the online version of Yemen Times.
Dear Editor,
I’m glad to write to you to express my admiration towards YT. I feel proud that I have found a newspaper like YT, which respects and publishes the opinions of its readers. I’m studying English at Hadhramout University in Seiyun. I’m also interested in reading every issue of YT. The problem is that YT arrives here late by at least four days after its date of issue. So I can’t find the opportunity to compete in the contest. I suggest that you send it by a transport company from Sana’a to Seiyun.
Saeed. O. Al-Batati
[email protected]
P.O 9026 Seiyun
Dear Saeed,
There is a problem of transportation to Seyiun and there is only one way to have you read YT before Wednesday. That is through subscribing. This way you will get your newspaper on time and you will always secure your copy.
True Heroes
Every Muslim will surely support my opinion when I say that Palestinian people are true heroes. The Palestinian people confront death and the prejudicial Western press daily. Their families become secondary issues in their lives. They would rather dye for the sake of their country and become freedom martyrs. Nothing refrains them from doing so. Their belief in Allah is strong and they believe in the day of judgement, paradise and hell. I’m not sorry for those martyrs. On the contrary, I’m jealous of them for their braveness and heroic acts.
Ramzi Al-Absi
Sana’a University
Dear Editor,
YT is the best English newspaper in Yemen. It has been doing a lot in the fields of politics, economy, culture, art and opinion. On top of that, it gives us the chance to the learn English language so as to improve our proficiency in the language. However, I want to say that I had sent an article on 26-7-2001, but it has not been published yet. The article is entitled “Yemen’s Society Today” but I don’t know why you have not published it.
Once again, please do inform me if there is any problems with the article so as to enable me to write it once again. Frankly, I am very fond of your newspaper due to its interesting contents. Since last month, I have been following the Yemen Times Light. It is very informative for travellers and for those who are very keen on arts and culture. I recommend that you have the ‘Travel & Leisure’ section include some interviews as well. I do hope that you will look into this kindly. Please update me as soon as possible.
Finally, my thanks to you and all the staff at Yemen Times.
Sana’a University
Dear Majed,
I am not sure if we received your article at all. If it is not inconvenient to you, please do resend your article for us to have it published as soon as possible.
Dear Editor,
I would like to take this opportunity to write this short appreciation note to the good people who are providing me the latest information about Yemen (my homeland). With my busy schedule it is extremely hard and expensive to call or to get newspaper. But you made it possible to get the news through your website at www.yementimes.com. Thank you one again.
Hakeem Suhoba
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I have finally decided to write this letter to you about a very important issue. What gives me the courage to write to you is my belief that you take my letter seriously since it deals with the epidemic that our beloved country is suffering from: corruption. I hope that Dr. Yahya Alshuaiby, Minister of Higher Education, will also read this letter.
The government is sending hundreds of students to study abroad, especially those who are assistant members of the teaching staff in our public universities. Many of those students are studying under cultural exchange program, but a lot of them are receiving fees from their universities as well. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are given to these students who are taking advantage of the sitation due to the lack of co-operation between the universities and the ministry of education. Now we have a Ministry of Higher Education and we must work together to correct the situation. Let me give just one example to prove my point. A large number of students who are studying in India under cultural exchange program have also fees from their own universities. They manage to do this by getting nomination letters from some governmental offices to the Indian mission in Sanaa. At the same time they get scholarships from their universities. This large amount of hard currency can be used to support national research centers and other useful activities. The ministry can simply ask for a list of the students who are awarded scholarships by the Indian government and compare it with a list of the students who are getting fees from their universities. I am asking for nothing more and I am sure that in this way we can save a lot of money that can be used for more important purposes. Some will say that this is nothing when compared to other corruption cases in the country, but if all of us see corruption and raise no finger to protest, who will then fight corruption?
I hope that you will not ignore this letter since it may not been written correctly. Please feel free to edit my letter should you find any grammatical errors.
Ali Ahmad Alsharaby
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the recent efforts that you have made for Yemen Times in making it available to us all. I am a student studying in the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Sana’a University.
I have always sent you letters, poems and subjects but unfortunately, you’ve never published any of them.
Mr. Editor, you can’t imagine how exciting it is for me to see and read my own articles in your weekly newspaper, most especially when it’s the first time. If there are any mistakes in my articles, kindly correct them. I will appreciate if you can publish at least one of my articles. This in turn will encourage us to deepen our knowledge of English. And hopefully, we will send you better articles in the future. Finally, I thank you once again for the sincerity that you have shown towards us.
Esam Al-Duais
Dep. of English
Faculty of Education
Sana’a University
Dear Esam,
Thank you for your kind complements. Please do understand that we are trying to publish all letters, articles, poems, and writings that we receive. However, the high number of such articles may cause some delay in publication. Please continue sending your contributions and we will eventually have them published.