Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/37/Letters to the Editor]

September 10 2001

Dear Editor,
I believe that it is indeed a shame for Arabs and for all Muslims who are watching Palestinians being ruthlessly killed by Zionist army. Why can’t Arabs bordering Israel do a thing to save and assist Palestine in their fight against imperialists entity? I feel great shame when seeing what is happening in Palestine and those who matter are doing nothing.
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Dear Editor,
I would like to respond to your view point article. Your leaders are not the disgrace you believe them to be. In fact they are the few who understand the world in which they live. They do not unilaterally help the Palestinians with disregard to the west because they know what is really important, the welfare of their people. They know that helping the Palestinians brings hardship for their people. This is not because the west will cut off aid. It is because they would cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc all want foreign investment. This is the only way they can improve their standards of living (healthcare, education, economy, etc). If they turn their back on the rest of the world they cut off any possible advancement. This is because investors in the west do not trust governments who act in an irrational manner. It scares them away from investing. To make it simple, the Palestinians are not worth the suffering of the rest of the Arab world. Your leaders will continue to spout rhetoric because the people like it and don’t know better. Then they will do what needs to be done so that one day the people of Yemen, Syria, and Egypt will have the same wealth as the rest of the world. When you get ready to fight the Zionists, ask your self; is it worth your children’s future?
Richard R
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Dear Editor,
First I would like to compliment the Yemen Times for its mostly objective reporting. It is the best news source from Yemen and it is great that it is on-line. I would like to address some statements made in the Yemen Times. First, America does not hate Muslims. We have more then 6 million Muslims in America. They serve in our military, are doctors, and teach in our universities. While we have Muslim officers in our military, do you have Jewish officers in yours? If people attack our citizen, embassies and boats they are our enemy. Not because they are Muslim, but because they are violent and want to kill us. Second, America does not want its military in Yemen to control the Bab-El-Mandeb. The simple fact is that we can control it with a Carrier Battle Group of the US Navy. If we want to protect shipping America can do it from the sea alone. Yemen, Somalia, and Eritrea would not be able to destroy a Carrier Battle Group if they all joined to fight together. I find it sad that people in Yemen allow themselves to be lied to by people who want nothing more then to control them through fear.
Jay Hines
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Dear Editor,
I am one of the regular readers of your newspaper Yemen Times, the first and leading English newspaper in Yemen.
I wait very eagerly for the arrival of Yemen Times, just as it is the case for a large number of English students and all those who know English language all over Yemen. They are the lovers who wait for their beloved.
I only sent you this letter to express that Yemen Times is surely a present for English readers in Yemen.
I also want to extend my great thanks to all those who are behind the success and development of our loved Newspaper (Yemen Times) and to wish them luck, happiness and constant success.
Moneer Al-Omari
Ibb, Al-Sharaf
Nothing but Facts
1) Unemployment rises every year, despite of shortage in manpower in both the private and government establishments. If you holding that university degree but you have no influence in either sector mentioned above, you are told “No Vacancy”. There are many youngsters out there employed in the private sector. They as well hold government jobs with the Ministry of Education as teachers. If you are among them, just look around and feel the pain of the unemployed and make a decision.
2) To owners of companies I want to say “When will you realize that there are natives who can handle the jobs that you have preferred the foreigners for, what is your complaint with the native, let me guess! The native won’t turn-up for work at weekends and holidays, or they will come in late for work and even do not do the job as well as the foreigner. Well all this is because you and only you have turned the native this way. If you pay him only half of what the foreigner is paid, you will see the change. Try it and you will not repent.”
3) Do you drive your own vehicle or a rented one? Whatever it may be, over speeding does not only put your life in danger but others too. Please remember while you get behind the wheel that there is someone at home waiting for you and without you how can they live?
Gawid Sikander Khan
[email protected]
Dear Editor
As a matter of fact, our best English news paper. Has been doing a lot in field of politics, economy, arts and opinions of people. On top of all it gives a chance to the learners of English language to improve their proficiency in the language.
All though I sent an article on 26-7-2001, It has not been published. The article is about “Yemen Society today” but I don’t know why you’re not press and delivery it in your news paper. Is it illegible? Or is it grammatically incorrect?
Once again, do inform me why? If there is a grammatically faults, please let me know I order to write it again.
Frankly,I am very fond of your news paper because it was very interesting. Last month it followed by amazing called Yemen light. It was very important for travelers those whom travel around the world and those who are very keen on arts especially its travel and leisure which introduce and interview about tourism.
I hope you have understand my feeling and in would be grateful if you let me know as soon as possible.
Thank you and all the staff of Yemen Times.
Sana’a University
Aden, Yemen