Letters to the Editor [Archives:2001/43/Letters to the Editor]

October 22 2001

Dear Editor,
I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A. and I know that many people think the same way regarding Arabs and other religions. It does not matter if they worship differently or if they look different and talk different. What matters is that all good people that believe in a peaceful and just life should come together no matter their religion and not accept violence. Even if a person does not like, say, the US. policy, they should not attack governments or kill people, should they? That would not be reasonable and could cause nothing but war. They would need to start an intelligent alliance of lawyers and important people to educate Americans on what is bad about any of the US foreign policies. That should be the same for all things that people disagree on or do not approve of. They should came together to educate others on what is right, not to try to go backwards by attacking innocent people. That changes nothing because the people still do not know what it was all about.
Miss Sakcriska,
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
The article “Who Did It?” by Mr. Al-Mujahid is a pretty feeble effort at suggesting non-Arabs or non-Muslims committed the atrocities on September 11. Clearly, any casual observer who listened to any of the facts surrounding the events of that infamous day would accept the despicable crimes were committed by Arab Muslims. There are several damning pieces of evidence. First, there were a number of cell phone calls placed by passengers and crew aboard the doomed flights, where the attackers/hijackers were described in some detail by those who made the phone calls. This occurred on more than one flight. Moreover, the car Mr. Atta and his cohort rented and left at Portland, Maine Airport had very incriminating materials left in the trunk of the car. Things like a Boeing aircraft manual and notes. I’m a licensed pilot, yet have never even seen Boeing aircraft manuals in my life. Why? Because I’ve never had any intention to fly a heavy jet.
You people need to recognize reality when it stares you in the face! Let’s hope the reasonable people of the world, including Muslims, can eradicate the terrorist pestilence from the face of the world.
Jim Wilde
New Jersey, USA
Destroy all fundamentalists
Perhaps both the Middle East and West can agree that fundamentalism, regardless of religion, is the enemy of civilized behavior. We have in the USA Christian fundamentalists who are violently opposed to our form of government. These people are as dangerous to our society as Hindu or Moslem or Jewish Fundamentalists. The Saudi government is frightened of the fundamentalists, and so is the Egyptian government, and so is the Yemeni government. I say destroy all fundamentalists, regardless of what religion they are. Round them up and keep them caged until they are gone from the face of the earth.
Now you may ask – what is a fundamentalist? A fundamentalist is any person who attempts to force his or her religious beliefs upon any other persons. You want to believe in some god? I don’t care. Just keep your superstitions to yourself. I don’t care if you are a Christian, a Moslem, a Jew, a Hindu or whatever. The world has seen enough bloodshed over such fundamentalism.
In my opinion, religion is like whiskey. A small amount taken in private probably does little harm. Taken in public in quantities, it always has and always will always lead to terror and destruction.
Bob L.
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
In response to your Viewpoint “Enough is Enough” published in issue 40/2001, please allow me to say this: we Americans are far more tolerant of Arabs and Muslims than the latter have been of us. Muslims in my country have long enjoyed the same freedoms as every other American.
Muslim men and women both may choose to take up any profession of their choice, just like every other American. They may drive to our lovely Grand Canyon and enjoy her spectacular views, just like every other
American. They may participate in political rallies and express their opinions as they please, just like every other American. They may freely and fearlessly worship as they please. Just like every other American.
But these are the very freedoms that Mohammed Atta and his henchmen took advantage of. These terrorists murdered the very people who would have embraced them as amongst our *millions* of immigrants.
And these are the very freedoms that my country will defend. We will, however, do so humanely, without the slaughter of thousands of innocents, as the terrorists have done to us.
We do not hate Islam. In fact, Islam is one of the many, many faiths my country’s citizens practice. Recent backlash against Muslims in my country is something we Americans are absolutely ashamed of. Those who carried out these acts will be prosecuted and will face stiff punishments.
We cherish our cultural and religious diversity. And I ask each Muslim who reads this to consider what I have said. End this terrible misunderstanding of Americans in the Arab world.
Michael Evans
Dallas, Texas, USA
[email protected]