Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/02/Letters to the Editor]

January 7 2002

Dear Editor,
I thought you might want to hear about my experiences of trying to be a tourist here in Yemen.
I am living here in Yemen, down in Aden. For the Eid I decided to go up to Sana’a to meet a friend. We planned on traveling over to Hodeida and then to Kamaran Island. Unfortunately, when I got to Sana’a my friend informed me that the officials at the Ministry of Tourism/Tourism Police told her that “no foreigners are allowed to travel by bus, personal car, or by shared taxi.” Thus, if we wanted to go anywhere, we would have to hire a car and driver. Since this was our holiday, we hired a car and a driver, costing us over three times as much to get to our destination.
Then, when we wanted to return, we went to the bus company in Hodeida and purchased our tickets. The man of course asked us for our travel permits, which we didn’t have. But he let us go because we have residency permits in our passports.
My comment on all of this is: Does Yemen want tourists or not? If I want to go anywhere in Yemen I need a travel permit. But then, as me and my friend experienced, we couldn’t get that!
There are a lot of places I want to visit in Yemen, whether I will be allowed or not is unknown. Thank you and Happy New Year.
J. Lang
[email protected]
Yemen Poster Wanted
I am a retired American teacher. Since retirement, I have collected picture postcards of international cities and towns, particularly those cards which depict full views of the city or town, such as aerial views or city skylines. I do not have a card from Yemen, and I am hoping that you will print my letter and that some kind reader will send me such a card, for which I shall be most grateful..
Walton A. Carter,
4740 W. 300 South, Anderson, IN 46011, USA;
[email protected]

Dear Editor,
The recent security measures taken by the Yemeni Government against all types of terrorism is a great step towards cleaning-up the Country from those who never seek prosperity of this country and wish it to remain backward by all standards.
I feel pleased that the Government finally decided to put its foot a further step towards combating terrorism in the country to pave the path for foreign investors passing through into the country for the development of its welfare.
Finally I salute the President for his courageous move and constant decision towards more security and stability in the benefit of the Yemeni Nation!
Simultaneously check the hands of those men of security, Police and Army men for the great work achieved by them and mourn those who fell on duty sacrificing their life in order to maintain the life of the nation!
Syed Hashem Bin Ali
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I am a Yemeni living abroad and I love Yemen with my heart and soul. But I feel so helpless helping Yemen. I see countries all over the world are advanced in every field except Yemen. What bothers me most is that every Yemeni official is worried how to profit from his position in any way he can! I am a school teacher in Brooklyn, New York doing my duty to help Yemeni students get good education. But, unfortunately most Yemeni students already have jobs in candy stores with their fathers.
They do not realize that, today, without a good education a person will have a hard life. The Yemeni girls in my class are very smart. But, they also have problems. They know that at time they will get married to people who are closed-minded and will not allow them to continue their education.
I want to go back to live in Yemen. However, I was their last summer and saw things that disturbed me a lot. The people do not care about cleanliness, the sewers are flowing like rivers, the drinking water is combined with that of the sewer and the qat is making everyone crazy. I hope that God will have Yemen pulled from the pit of hell soon.
Masoud A.
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I am from Texas, USA. I was in Sanaa in the 1980’s teaching members of several Arab Countries. I was teaching the use of the polygraph (lie detector) which was very well received. I met many friendly and wonderful people from your country and brought back several gifts I will treasure for years.
I have been in law enforcement since the 1960’s and still conduct investigations and polygraph examinations.
My question to your readers is: While there, I mentioned that I would like to have a sword. Before I left to return back to Texas, I was presented with a very old sword in a sheath that was very old and still had some sand in it.
I can tell the sword was used a lot due to the handle and blade although still in good condition. On the blade just under the handle are two “stars” a “Crest” and another “star”. On the other side of the blade is the same…
I hope that one of your readers could connect me with someone that can give me more information about this sword.
B. Morris Covin
(713) 899-2288)
[email protected]