Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/03/Letters to the Editor]

January 14 2002

Hassan Al-Haifis Extremist Ideas
Ideas of people who have extremist, radical, militant views like the ones expressed by Hassan al-Haifi have no place in civilized society. Of course, teenagers (whether Jews or not!) eating pizza at lunch are innocent! How can you expect people to believe that Islam=peace when there are people with views like this in the world? As to what the US wants, the USA wants you to arrest people that go to other countries and kill (murder) civilian non-combatants on purpose. We want you to stop being a refuge for these mercenaries (terrorists). We want you to find and freeze assets of those terrorists whether they hide their deeds behind a “charity” or even if they do some charitable deeds. What’s so hard to understand?
Diana BN
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
First of all I would like to appreciate Yemen Times for giving us this opportunity. I would like to present my proposal of issuing Yemen Times on daily basis. It is so interesting to read Yemen Times as we never get Yemen Times.
I hope to see Yemen Times in a market like al-Ayyam newspaper.
I would also like to express my appreciation to our President Ali Abdullah Saleh for everything he is doing for our country, whether political or economic. I always pray to Almighty Allah to bless our president and our country. I do not forget to wish greater progress for Yemen Times. Thanks for giving me this chance.
Omar S. Bahartha
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Dear Omar,
Thank you for your wishes. However, we are still not prepared to go daily due to many restrictions. But we certainly have that as one of our objectives. As for distribution in Saudi Arabia, please note that Yemen Times is indeed distributed in Saudi Arabia, but perhaps you have not looked thoroughly or because the issues were sold out.
Wishing you all the very best.
YT is the Best
I have been reading Yemen Times for more than three years until now and I want to tell you that in my opinion, Yemen Times is the best online news paper covering Yemen I have ever read. I get to know all the happenings in Yemen any time I want. May ALLAH be with you and help you continue what you’re doing.
Abdulhamed Ahmed
[email protected],
Pittsburg, California, USA
More Photos Please
Everything considered, you are doing a great job. However, I wish you’d put more photographs in your articles. I am a Yemeni-American living in the U.S., and it would be very nice to see pictures of Yemen. Even if that involves normal everyday activities of the Yemeni people.
Farouk Al Samawi
[email protected]
Dear Farouk,
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. We will certainly have your proposal considered in future issues and perhaps add many more photos.
Why 11 Sept Attacks Took Place
I am sure you have been bombarded with ceaseless remarks from Americans regarding the September 11th attacks in which many of them place the blame on Islam. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to present a new side to this argument.
We all concur that the September 11th attacks on America were an abomination. Has anyone asked why these attacks took place? History has shown that America has been a cruel place for foreigners or those who appear different — not to mention blacks. It is so easy for everyone to criticize those individuals who inflicted pain on America, but has anyone opened a history book and looked at this country’s dark past of over 400 years of transgressions which includes merciless lynching of men, women and children? I would strongly suggest the following websites: http://www.maafa.org and http://www.blackwallstreet.freeservers.com.
Linda B.
[email protected]