Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/04/Letters to the Editor]

January 21 2002

Making a Mountain out of a Molehill
Dear Editor
Im grateful your newspaper which is very interesting and exciting by its various articles and subjects. But I have got very important comments that I wish to be published. I have noticed that the Yemen Times always concentrating on tribal problems whither among themselves or with foreigners such as kidnappings. If we compare between Yemen and any foreign countries, well find that it has problems more than what Yemen has. Lets take the USA as an example. All kinds of crimes are practiced there. They kidnap, rape, rob, kill, etc. Yemenis are sometimes shot dead without any reason.
Crimes in Yemen, compared to the those in the USA, are just like some white hair on a black ox. The U.S.A proclaims that it has all the morals whereas it is the sponsor of criminals and terrorists.
Why dont you publish crimes that happened in the USAor other western countries? Believe me, if you do so, you will not find a space for publishing something else.
Ibrahim Ali A. Almahyoup Alzudi
Dear Editor
Id like to tell you that my father, brothers and me have been readers of your newspaper Yemen Times since it is foundation by Prof. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf (God mercy on him). And we have got at our father office and home more than 220 Issues of the Yemen Times. Ijust want to send my great regards to all of the Yemen Times members and best wishes to all.
Seba Mohammed Sighir Al-Jaradi
Yemens Future is Bright
No doubt, Yemen has a very bright future, due to its history, culture and location. Before the Holy Quran spoke about the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Palestine, the story was mentioned in the “Old Testament, the Bible”! Millions of Christians and Jews around the globe are interested in visiting Yemen to see the greatness of Queen Sheba temples and physically stand on those sites to recall the Great history of great people mentioned in the Holy Books of the three divine religions on this blessed earth of Yemen!
The culture and unique history of the Yemeni nation is the wealth of the country and its heritage that will, by all standards, generate a great income for Yemen. But, we, as Yemenis must cooperate first with our Government to combat all types of terrorism! We can’t expect tourists to come to our country to spend their bunch of dollars for enjoying seeing our heritage and then find themselves dragged, kidnapped and end up in one of the caves in remote mountains of Sana’a or elsewhere in the mountainous areas of Yemen! This is a terrorist act by all measures, and no descent one on earth would accept such barbaric attitude!
The Yemeni civilization and democracy go back to more than three thousand years and, yet, we witness, such uncivilized intentions which happen in day light and in the capital of the country and some of those incidents took place in areas close to military and security camps. Isn’t this coincidently strange!
The Yemenis are known through all their history for their kind hearts, respect and hospitality for foreigners . Many books by foreign missions prove this legacy and deed. For the Yemeni heritage to remain always on top of all other aspects, the Yemeni nation should be the only guard protecting such great civilization before anything else!
Syed Hashim Bin Ali
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