Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/05/Letters to the Editor]

January 28 2002

A Response to Frank’s Letter
Dear Frank,
I eagerly would like to know what does equality mean in your dictionary of democracy. For us, in Yemen as a democratic country, we believe that equality is one of the principles of democracy which must be applied to all. Therefore, as we consider ‘killing of innocent people in your country’ a terrorism without doubt, we consider killing of innocent children, women, and defenseless people in Palestine the same. Democratic countries are opposed to transcend the political differences to human aspects, not to be prejudiced against or to sympathize with any side for their political purposes. Logically, scales cannot be balanced unless the weights measured are equal. In this regard the world peace cannot be achieved unless it is given to the Palestinian people as it must, as you say, be given to the Israeli people. So, tell me, Frank, how can we compare stones, pistols, and individual guns to tanks, helicopters and missiles. What does your democratic justice say about a nation whose land is occupied and destroyed by bulldozers? A nation whose young men fill up the Israeli prisons(?!) A nation whose people are scattered all over the neighboring countries in refugee camps(?!) Are they terrorists? Or are they struggling for independence, freedom, and peace?
Conclusively, think deeply, analyze critically, stand objectively.
Khalil Saif Al-Buraihi
Job Vacancy Announcements on Website
Thanking you for the professional work at YT. You are doing quite well, especially as you are being the only Yemeni English newspaper online.
My comments are as follow. Why can’t you open a new section in your respected website for job availabilities in any foreign or national companies in our country. So that we, newcomers or Yemenis who are fresh in the practical life in Yemen can avail and get decent jobs as we are unfortunately unemployed at the time being.
It will be a good contribution to all of us if you do so. Please do the needful in sponsoring such professional work for Yemeni youth.
M. Zaid Jerhoom
[email protected]
Dear Zaid,
We have been thinking of this option, but have not yet arrived at a conclusion. Once we make the final decision, we will inform you through an announcement on the website.
What happened to The Dhow
Can you tell me if ‘The Dhow’ newspaper is still being published in Aden or has your newspaper replaced it? I love reading news on Aden and seeing photos too! It seems hard to believe that I went to school there! Is the Convent School in Steamer Point still there?
B. Sleeman
[email protected]
Dear Sleeman,
You seem to have left Aden a very long time ago. Unfortunately, none of the establishments you inquired about still exist, at least in the same name. But you can still follow-up with Aden news through YT.
Yemen Times is not the US Times
I am a 22 year old American of Yemeni decent living in the United States.
This is in response to the individual who was so bothered that the Yemen Times has been addressing vital issues that occur in Yemen such as tribal violence. It is not only essential that the media addresses these issues but it is also an obligation to inform the people of these things. The reader suggested that the Yemen Times writes about crimes that occur in the US. Come on now, the paper is called the “YEMEN” Times not the US Times! Furthermore, it is not a “show-down” to show which country is the worst in terms of crime.
Comparing the United States’ crime rate to Yemen is ridiculous. Yes, there is a lot of crime in the United States but the journalists of the Yemen Times have a duty to inform and report to the people of Yemen about the news that occurs in their country not the people of the US.
One last comment, why does it bother him so much that issues such as violence are being addressed? Would you rather YT avoid them and let crime silently lurk while the people of the country are oblivious to it? Sir, please get with the program, you now live in a democracy (of sorts), embrace it and be thankful that you have it.
Leyla F.
Fremont, California, USA
Osama bin Laden in Sanaa
I was just reading your one item under the ‘Focus’ heading asking what would happen if Osama Bin Laden arrived at Sanaa Airport? Well, indeed what would happen if he arrived? After all, isn’t his father from Yemen? So no doubt, he’ll have a Yemeni passport and what then?
W. Curry
Cancer Patients in Yemen
I would like to thank Yemen Times for shedding light on cancer problems in Yemen which is very important health care issue because many Yemeni cancer patients are suffering from unavailability of radiotherapy centers in Yemen and need to travel abroad to seek radiotherapy treatment and this costs them too much money. I hope that the radiotherapy and oncology center at AL GOMHORYHOSPITAL which is still under construction will help some of cancer patients.
My best regard to all Yemen Times Journalists.
Dr Ahmed AL bareda.
Radiation Oncologist, Amman – Jordan
[email protected]
Importance of English Language
I am among your readers currently studying in India. I want to ask you to discuss in your newspaper the issue of Yemenis studying abroad. For example, as students in India, we are quite many and from all Arab countries. Many of us are studying computer science while others are studying their B.Sc. in English.
We have a lot of issues to share with you and I wish to encourage every father who is capable of sending his son or daughter to study English abroad to do so as soon as possible. The reason is because English has become very important for a successful career. I do hope that everybody reads this opinion of mine to get the best out of it.
Bassam Al-Adeemi
[email protected]
India, Pune
A “Thank You” from Sweden
I am very glad to be among the subscribers to Yemen Times newspaper as I continue to receive your news alerts via e-mail and I was very glad by the way I was informed of events in Yemen.
I also find your articles and reports very interesting. Actually I am now living in Sweden since two years and can stay in touch with my country through Yemen Times Online.
Once again thanks to all of your staff, with special regards to the editor.
Khaled Abdullah
[email protected]