Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/08/Letters to the Editor]

February 18 2002

To: Al-Kamali
Please check and republish your article
While the article entitled Eight Sources to Generate Revenues by Mahyoub Al-Kamali that was published in your newspaper in issue no. 6/2002 is interesting, the figures given are confusing and mostly wrong. Mr. Mahyoub Al-Kamali should carefully check the article and republish it again in a way that makes the results clearer. It might then also be possible to draw conclusions for the future of the revenues.
Rudolf Guthier
[email protected]
Where are my letters?
My name is Zaini Mustafa and I am living in Hodeidah, where I am student of Darul Ulum Assyariyah. I was annoyed with the postal authority because I never received letters from my friends in Germany or in any other country. What is the matter? Isnt there anyone at the postal service who could understand the address written in English on the cover of the letters or what? Of course, my friends write in English only, so the staff members working at my university who do not know English may have not delivered the letters. I am really eager to know from the postal authorities where the letters are and what is going on? I hope that the ones concerned would respond to this appeal of mine
[email protected]
More on Yemens Recent History
I am happy to read your news paper here in USA and to be in touch with what is going on in my country .Please I’d like you to give me more information about the modern history of Yemen. People here want to know more about my country.
Amin Al-Kebsi
[email protected]
Dear Amin,
The best we could do is guide you to a website dedicated to provide much information on Yemen. It is Yemen Gateway and can be accessed at http://www.al-bab.com/yemen.
Some Suggestions
I am a regular reader of your newspaper, which I like very much. But I still want to make a proposal to you. My proposal is to write more openly and critically. I also suggest that you publish some articles on Islam.
Also please publish an article on the Taleban and Qaeda detainees in Guant?namo in Cuba’s. You need to mention how the USA is violating human rights in its treatment of those detainees. I hope you will take my suggestions into consideration and I wish your newspaper the greatest of success.
Aamir Khan
[email protected]
Thanks for Good Postcards
Your ‘Send a Post Card’ service on your website at http://yementimes.com/postcards/ is really great and I’m sure the people who get this instant message are equally surprised to get a lovely photo from Yemen too!
So thank you for putting this nifty idea on your web site.
Roz Zni,
South Africa
[email protected]