Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/09/Letters to the Editor]

February 25 2002

Dear Editor,
Im one of the uncountable readers of the great Yemen Times.
I would like as any one who reads Yemen Times, to express my great admiration for your constant efforts. I hope that Im well come to join Yemen Times friends and contributor rather than being just a reader, yes its my only aim to which I long. Im petty confidant that Yemen Times is a mother of every growing pen that Yearns to be professor and creative one day. Let my finally shake hand with you and let me also say that I would be utterly pleased if you accept me as a friend.
Teacher, Majda Abdul Rahman Al-Maktary
Dear Editor,
I am a reader in your newspaper. I like to read it every week, when I bought the last issue I was amazed at the changes that happened, they were wonderful. I am happy of these improvements. I congratulate you of this success, you really deserve it because you made it by hard work.
Finally, I hope for this newspaper to be developed more and more.
Om Hany Alwarith
Dear editor
I read the news item Bohras Marks Idris Imaduddins Anniversary in Yemen Times 4,Feb. 2002. I was very much impressed by it but several mistakes have been observed.
It has been reported that the anniversary was celebrated on Feb, 2 2002 but it was celebrated on Feb, 1 2002.
It has been written that the celebrants prayed their homage to this great man but the right expression is that the celebrants paid their homage to this great man.
It has been written that Salman Rushdi, Mandoob Dai Fatema Sultanual but the right sentence is that salman Rashid, Mandoob of Fatemi Dai, Suitanual Bohra.
It has been also reported that Shebam along with other great peaks of Haraz were great centers of learning in the Fatamid Dais times, not just garrison for soldiers but the correct version is this Shebam as other speaks was a great center of learning not a military front in the times of Fatemi Dais.
It has reported that salman Rashid said that Dr. Syeda Mohammed Burhanuddin had advised his followers in Yemen to uproot Qat trees and clean their from this evil and they responded in earnest. He had helped them by providing viable alternative like training them on book keeping, animal husbandry and by giving them samplings of coffee and other fruit trees such as almond and olives. But the correct version is this His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin advised his followers in Yemen to up root Qat trees, they responded and uprooted many Qat trees. As alternatives they are helped through honeybee keeping project and many other projects like livestock farming and plant nursery for providing them with coffee and other fruit saplings.
It has been reported too that Mr.Rashid prayed for Ali Abdullah Saleh and his government for bringing democracy and unity protecting country from its enemies but the correct version is this At last Salman Rashid lauded the developmental achievement done by the president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his government. He prayed for him and thanked him and his government for the tolerance of democracy in his era.
Jamila Harazi
More on Yemens Recent History
I am happy to read your news paper here in USA and to be in touch with what is going on in my country .Please I’d like you to give me more information about the modern history of Yemen. People here want to know more about my country.
Amin Al-Kebsi
[email protected]
Dear Amin,
The best we could do is guide you to a website dedicated to provide much information on Yemen. It is Yemen Gateway and can be accessed at http://www.al-bab.com/yemen.