Letters to the Editor [Archives:2002/10/Letters to the Editor]

March 4 2002

More co-operation is needed between countries
Co-operation between two countries police forces or security forces is not something new and does not constitute an invasion or deployment of the troops.
For global peace and security, it is important that countries have open dialogue in all topics and levels, including security matters.
However, at the same time it is important that the voices of different political parties are heard, so long as they do not insult a religion or culture of any nation or race, so that alienation and tribal conflict is avoided.
We hope that Yemen’s government with logic and wisdom overcomes its internal security matters.
Kambiz Bassir
[email protected]
Re: Imminent decline
and fall of America
I had a good laugh at Steven Jones’ anti-American diatribe (“The imminent decline and fall of America”). He must be one of our home-grown malcontents. If you want to test his convictions, just look at his address: California, USA. For all his denunciations, it seems that America isn’t so bad that he feels compelled to leave. The last time I checked, we had no walls keeping people in.
Mr. Jones’ little editorial is merely “sound and fury signifying nothing.” I hope the readers of your excellent paper do not think that he is representative of any portion of America. Most Americans are proud of their country and their standard of living.
Michael Frost
mfrost@ optonline.net
More culture articles would be welcomed, please
I’m an Italian student currently studying Arabic literature. I usually read the Yemen Times and other Arabic online newspapers because I want to learn information about the Arab world through Arabic sources. I have some problems in finding news about literature or music or culture in general. Also your journal devotes very little to culture.
Among the Arabic online journals in English, I would say the Yemen Times has its own unique place. So, why don’t you promote Yemeni culture (and Arabic culture in general) a little more?
Stefano Sanna
[email protected]
Dont slander Israel
I have not had a chance to visit your country, but I know that there are lots more things of import that slandering your neighbors (such as Israel).
Hopefully, we can start to reconcile and live peacefully together.
Len Hoffman
[email protected]